Honma Classic Bag

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This bag is definitely not for budget-conscious golfers. If you are looking for a more expensive golf bag you will have to search for a long time. The Honma Classic Bag is not called "Classic" for nothing, because that's exactly what it is. Made for the old school of golfers who need a good appearance on the course.

The Honma Classic Bag is made of very durable materials that ensure that you will enjoy this bag for a long time. As far as weight is concerned, this bag is not an absolute lightweight with 4.5kg and is therefore mainly looking for an E-Trolley or Cart to be chauffeured.

Available in brown, black and navy. Black and navy are currently sold out in Europe and take 8-10 weeks of delivery time.

Material: PVC

Weight: 4.5 kg

Size: 9 inch

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