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With the TR21 fairway wood, Honma for the first time dares to use a fairway wood whose club head can be adjusted accordingly. Thanks to the patented "non-rotating system" you can adjust the loft, lie and club face as required without having to change the position of the shaft. The shaft does not rotate as with other systems, but remains neutral. This is not unimportant, as Honma is probably the only manufacturer who makes sure that the shaft is "spined" and thus fixed in the ideal position in the hosel.

We must honestly say that the TR21 fairway wood is definitely one of the most advanced woods on the market. The weight system alone offers several advantages. The screws are very efficient - not like the rails that can be used to adjust the centre of gravity. A 3g and a 12g screw is supplied as standard. If you want to get more length and reduce the spin you can place the 12g in the front and the 3g in the back. If you want to increase the MOI and therefore your accuracy, you can place the screws the other way around. Honma also offers the TR20 weight set with which you can make the clubhead lighter or heavier. This is for example necessary if you choose a longer or shorter shaft or need a midsize grip. This is the only way to correctly balance the swing weight. With 95% of the fairway woods on the market you don't even have this possibility.

Apart from this, Honma relies on the concept of variable thickness of the club head, which is already known from the TWorld series. The crown is as thin as possible to save weight. The sole of the head is relatively thick to get more weight under the ball. The result is a simplified launch even with thinly hit balls.

As far as the shafts are concerned, the TR21 fairway wood is available in the usual Vizard TR20, FD and FP shafts. The Vizard 60, for example, is the ideal shaft for lower club head speeds. The FD shaft is available between 44g and 85g and covers the whole range of players up to the absolute top professional. Similarly, the FP shaft is designed with a profile for even lower trajectories.

If you are looking for a fairway wood with maximum length, the TR21 Titanium Fairway Wood is the right choice. This is equipped with 14° and can be adjusted like the TR21 fairway wood. The weight distribution is slightly different and the Titanium wood has only one instead of two weight screws. Instead, there is a slot behind the clubface which allows for higher ball speeds. All in all this wood is designed for low launch, less spin and therefore maximum length. It is an ideal alternative to the driver from the tee.

Honma TR21 Fairway Wood Lofts and Specs

14° Titanium 15° 16.5° 18° 21°
Lie 57° 57° 57.5° 57.5° 58°
Length 43" 43" 42.5" 42.5" 42"
Vizard TR20-60 Swing Weight D2 - D2.5
D2 - D2.5
D2 - D2.5
D2 - D2.5
D2 - D2.5
Vizard TR20-70 Swing Weight D3 D3 D3 D3 D3
Vizard FD6 Swing Weight D4 D4 D4 D4


What makes the TR21 Fairway Woods special?

The two main innovations of the TR21 woods are the "non rotating" shaft to adjust loft and clubface position and the two weight screws in the sole to adapt the head weight and centre of gravity. Both are not available on the market in this combination and therefore the Honma TR21 fairway wood is one of the hottest innovations on the golf market.

The available versions

For the first time Honma has two different types of club heads. The "standard" fairway wood is made of steel and carbon, while the "Big LB" is made of titanium and carbon and differs significantly in loft and head shape. The titanium version is priced slightly higher because of the more expensive materials being used.

However, the Titanium wood is only available with 14° and it was basically designed for a very specific purpose. On the one hand it should allow long and well-placed shots, but also to reach maximum distances from the fairway. Honma achieves this by designing the head to be very flat and placing as much weight as possible at the bottom and distributed over the entire sole. This construction is currently unique. The Titanium wood is only equipped with a weight screw, which is located in the rear part of the sole. This means that the centre of gravity is designed for maximum launch and spin. Maximum distances are still possible because of the "hot" titanium clubface and the "low spin" construction. And if this wood doesn't go far enough, the loft can be reduced to 12.5° to have a real weapon from the tee and to achieve distances that are otherwise only possible with the driver.

The "standard" fairway wood

Especially thanks to the two weight screws in the TR21 fairway wood, it is possible to change the centre of gravity a little more. So you can either optimize for maximum launch and spin, but also for minimum spin and maximum length. However, the standard setting is 12g in the rear and 3g in the front.

The fairway wood is available in 15°, 16.5°, 18° and 21° lofts. This covers a wide range, especially with a wood 4 and the possibility to adjust the loft by 1.5° up or down.

TR21 Fairway Woods Review

We couldn't wait to try the Honma TR21 woods ourselves and can anticipate that they will definitely end up in our bag.

Optics of the woods

Similar to the TR20 Driver, the carbon construction is very eye-catching and in combination with the chrome-plated surfaces it looks very noble. From a purely visual point of view there is nothing to be said about these woods. With the two different head shapes two different types of players can be served. While the Titanium Big LB wood is very flat and is the ideal tee companion, the normal TR21 fairway wood looks much more compact. In comparison to the TW747, the head is significantly smaller - just like the TR21 Hybrid. In our opinion, this makes the wood much more versatile.

Spin and Launch Performance

There is no need to beat around the bush: The TR21 woods are designed for minimum spin and maximum launch. This is, so to speak, the basis for decent lengths. With normal fairway woods, you can also use the two weight screws to adjust the centre of gravity accordingly, i.e. optimise launch and spin. You can achieve this with less or more loft. There is practically no other wood on the market with which you are more versatile. We even have to say that the TR21 woods are now among the absolute "low spinners" on the market when it comes to spin and in this respect they do not have to hide from the very big manufacturers. The good thing about this wood is that you can easily increase the spin if you are looking for more spin - e.g. to minimize your dispersion or to attack greens better.

Recommendation and conclusion

There were no big surprises in our tests. Compared to the TWorld series, the TR21 woods have once again improved significantly and go one step further towards "low spin" and "high launch". Purely optically they are a feast for the eyes and with two different head shapes they offer a much better choice - depending on the player's preferences. Added to this is the flexibility thanks to the weight screws and the "non rotating" shaft system. There is currently no competition here and with the Honma weight set it is also possible to adjust the swing weight accordingly. For example, if you want a thicker grip or shorter shafts, you can simply replace the 12g weight with 15g to restore the correct swing weight.

Our recommendation is therefore as follows:

The TR21 Titanium wood is especially suitable for players who are looking for a good alternative to the driver off the tee. It is also suitable for more advanced players who need maximum length from the fairway - for example to reach a long par 5. These players will not find a comparable wood at present. The competition also offers 14° variations, but mostly with the same head shape as other woods that are higher lofted. This Honma wood is, thanks to the head shape, a club that allows a high launch even from the fairway.

The TR21 fairway wood is intended for all other players. It is especially suitable for those who seek maximum adaptability. There is practically no other wood on the market where loft, lie and face position, as well as centre of gravity and swing weight can be adjusted so easily. Even if you can do without it, it is an advantage if your swing changes over time or the composition of your bag changes.

There is also no other manufacturer with such a wide range of shafts that cover everything from 60g to 80g. Honma only uses their own Vizard shafts and those produced in Japan - because they know that the quality is right.

Overall, the TR21 fairway woods are a very positive surprise and we cannot recommend them enough. Our only criticism is that there are no more 50g shafts. These were very popular with the TWorld range. Honma has unfortunately decided to offer only 60g and heavier shafts.

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