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The TR21 Hybrid will also be equipped with the "non rotating system" for the first time - just like the TR21 Fairway Wood. This makes it possible to change the loft, lie and face position of the club head without having to rotate the shaft. The TR21 Hybrid is also equipped with a single weight screw. As a standard it is fitted with 12g, but you can change it at any time with the help of the TR20 weight set. The big advantage is simply that you can change the weight of the club head and therefore the swing weight in no time at all. This is especially important if you want your shaft to be a bit longer or shorter or if you want a thicker grip, for example.

The TR21 Hybrid is designed to have as much weight as possible in the lower part of the club head. This simplifies the launch. The TR21 Hybrid's club face is of varying thickness, which ensures that the ball speeds are kept constantly high over the entire club face when hitting.

As usual the TR21 Hybrid comes in the popular Vizard shafts. Namely the Vizard TR21 UT with 65g and the Vizard UT-H between 74g and 103g. This shaft is designed for maximum launch and as UT-H9 or UT-H10 is also intended for players with high club head speeds.

Honma TR21 Hybrid Lofts and Specs

18° 21° 24°
Lie 57.5° 58° 58.5°
Length 40.5" 40" 39.5"
Vizard TR20-65 Swing Weight D1.5 D1.5 D1.5
Vizard TR20-75 Swing Weight D2.5 D2.5 D2.5


Honma TR21 Hybrid and Utility Review

In the meantime all TR21 clubs have arrived and we couldn't wait to test them extensively. Especially because some changes have been made to the TWorld compared to its predecessor. Our tests were done indoor on the GC Quad as well as outdoor on the autumnal course. Only in this way is it possible to really assess the TR21 Hybrid and to know all its advantages and disadvantages.

The head shape of the TR21 Hybrid

While the TW747 Hybrid had a relatively large club head, the TR21 Hybrid is more in the utility category. This means that the club head is smaller overall and not as deep. Accordingly, the sole is also slightly narrower, which in turn offers some advantages that we will come to later. So you can say that the TR21 Hybrid is more like the original hybrid heads and definitely does not come close to the head size of fairway woods.

Launch and spin

Basically the TR21 blades are designed for maximum launch and low spin, just like the TW747 blades. The TR21 Hybrid, however, is more in the direction of a flatter launch and less spin and is therefore also designed for very high club head speeds - i.e. for players who do not primarily have the problem with low launches and already produce enough spin. This also means, for example, that very long distances are possible with this hybrid. The spin moves around the targeted 4000 rpm window and thus offers enough room to play all greens in the world. Because of this we would recommend to use a little more loft. The 18° TR21 Hybrid for example is a real weapon with which extreme distances are possible - precisely because the spin can be kept low. The TR21 Hybrid really gets the most out of it and still produces enough spin to ensure that greens can be played.

Recovery Shots with the TR21 Hybrid

As already mentioned, a major change to the TW747 Hybrid is the head shape and the narrower sole. The result is that it is much easier to get through unfavourable semi-rough lies with this hybrid. From good fairway positions the TR21 Hybrid is anyway very playable, but its real strengths lie in slightly worse positions, which you can't get through with a too wide sole.

Honma TR weights and swing weight

Another important point is the weight screw, which allows to adjust the swing weight without changing the centre of gravity. There is currently no more efficient system than such weight screws and Honma offers a uniform weight set for all TR drivers, woods and hybrids. For example, you can change the swing weight from standard D2 to D4 by adding a 3g heavier screw. It is also possible to reduce the swing weight.

This is especially useful if you want to play shorter or longer shafts or thicker grips. There are players who would like to play their hybrid a little shorter and therefore similar to their irons. These now no longer have the problem of the swing weight becoming too light. They can simply replace the standard weight screw and gain about 2 more swing weight points.

Our test result and recommendation

The ExactGolf team has now had the TW747 woods and hybrids in the bag for two years. We were a bit surprised that there were some bigger changes with the TR21s. Especially the "non rotating" system is of course a very special bonus that we don't have to do without anymore. Above all, it allows us to minimally adjust the loft and optimise it accordingly. This is especially important in terms of "gapping" so that the gaps to the next iron or fairway wood are not too large. It is also an advantage if you want to adapt the loft to certain playing situations.

What we have to say in any case is that the TR21 hybrid is also a real weapon off the tee. This is especially due to the low spin and the head shape. This makes it possible to reduce the spin even further and to achieve even longer lengths. If you are in a situation where you need maximum control from the tee and simply have to place the ball on the fairway, you may find a new favourite with the TR21 Hybrid.

We recommend the TR21 Hybrid to players who are looking for a hybrid that is easy to play from bad lies, that can be used as a driving iron from the tee and that offers maximum adaptability in terms of swing weight and loft. For players with this requirement profile, there is probably no better hybrid on the market today. In particular, there is no other hybrid that is so easy to adjust the head weight and the loft, lie and face position without twisting the shaft. If you like to tinker around and optimise your hybrid, you will not find a better hybrid than the TR21.

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