Honma XP1 Golfclubs

The Honma XP1 series is very similar to the Honma Beres that have been successful for decades. In any case, the concept is the same: For players with below average club head speed ball striking should be made as easy as possible. Very light shafts with 39g for women and 43g for men help to achieve this. As well as the construction of the clubheads which simplify a good launch angle. Honma masters these two disciplines better than any other manufacturer - otherwise the Honma Beres would not be such a great success.

The Honma XP1 shafts

For the XP1 Honma also relies on the in-house Vizard shafts. Only for the men's irons there is a shaft available from another Japanese manufacturer, namely Nippon. This is a very light steel shaft that is intended for players who don't necessarily want to use graphite and need a little more stability with the irons. Apart from that the Vizard shafts are light and soft but still of high quality. This can be seen among other things in the Torque values. In this respect there is a small difference to the Honma Beres which is the reason why the XP1 clubs "only" cost about half as much. The Vizard shafts used in the Beres are of higher quality and have less torque. Despite this fact there is only a 47g shaft in the men's Beres with two stars. For the lighter 42g shafts you have to upgrade to the 3 star version. Whoever needs such light shafts as a gentleman will find the XP1 clubs a very affordable alternative to the Honma Beres.

However, it must also be said that the shaft quality is clearly better with the Honma Beres. This does not mean that the XP1 shafts are bad, on the contrary. They are still better than the shafts of comparable manufacturers. Honma is simply so far ahead with the Beres that they are unrivalled - even in-house. So if you want the best of the best, you will not be able to get past Honma Beres.

Complete XP1 Sets

As with the Beres, Honma already follows the principle of only supplying perfectly matched sets of clubs. You can buy everything from drivers to wedges from the XP1 and be sure that the clubs really do match. This means above all lofts, shaft length, shaft weight, total weight and swing weight are simply right. You can rely on that. You should not make the mistake of adding XP1 to your existing set of clubs or vice versa. At the very least you should have your set checked by a professional clubmaker like us. If you have clubs from different manufacturers in your bag, the risk is too high that they do not fit well together. This danger can be eliminated by using a whole set of XP1 clubs. This is the big advantage of a set like XP1.

The Honma XP1 Drivers, Woods and Hybrids

Honma wants to achieve one thing above all with these clubs: A maximum launch with maximum ball speeds and a clear tendency against a slice. The slice is the typical failure of players with low club head speeds. The club head moves from the outside to the inside and forces it the ball to make an unsightly curve to the right (for right-handed players). The Honma XP1 woods have a relatively high offset and a closed clubface position. In addition, the centre of gravity is distributed in the clubhead in such a way that it is difficult to open the clubface. Best conditions to prevent the unpleasant curve to the right. However, one thing must be said at this point: the new Honma Beres are much more radical in this respect. So if you are really struggling with a clear slice, you should rather take a look at the Beres line.

Honma XP1 Irons

The men's XP1 irons are available in two different shafts. The 43g Vizard graphite shaft and the Zelos steel shaft from Nippon. This is also very light, but has the typical characteristics of a steel shaft. The swing weight is slightly higher with D-1 for Zelos Regular and D-2 for Zelos in Stiff than the irons with Vizard shafts. Especially the Zelos in Stiff is only for players who really want maximum precision with their irons and do not need the vibration dampening properties of a graphite shaft.

The Ladies XP1 irons are only available with a 39g Vizard graphite shaft and only in Ladies Flex. If you are a lady with relatively high club head speeds and you are more of an athletic player, it is quite possible that this version is too soft and light. Then the men's XP1 is an option. Remember that the division of ladies and men is only for typical players of this category. The transitions are of course smooth.

The Honma XP1 are unfortunately not available for left-handed players. Left-handed players unfortunately only have the Honma Beres as an adequate replacement.

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