Test and demo clubs from Miura, Honma and Co.

If you want to test a club of the big manufacturers today, there is no problem at all. There are countless possibilities at your disposal. And if the local Proshop does not have the clubs in stock for testing, there are enough demo days and other options to test.

With Japanese clubs it looks completely different again. If you take e.g. Miura there is just a very manageable number of dealers or clubmakers who are allowed to offer this brand. Reason for this are the high quality standards of Miura. If you go to one of these dealers or clubmakers you will certainly have the opportunity to test there. However rarely on the round and several days.

We shouldn't call ourselves ExactGolf if we didn't try everything to offer you the perfect golf clubs. That is why we are one of the very few dealers of Japanese clubs who also provide demo clubs and have done so from the beginning. Simply discuss the clubs with us and we will put them together for you and send you a demo. You can then test it over a few days on your driving range and on the round.

It is no secret that this is a big effort for us and there are good reasons why hardly anyone offers this service. However, we are sure that we can convince you with the right club this way. Especially if you are holding a Miura iron with the right swing weight or a Honma Beres driver with a light shaft in your hand for the first time, the purchase decision is made quite quickly. There are good reasons why we only use Japanese clubs and nothing convinces our players better than a short conversation and a test with the right club.

We currently have the following test clubs in stock, but can also make almost all other Honma, Miura and Vega clubs available for you within a short time:

All irons from Miura in almost all offered shafts you can configure.

All irons of the Honma Tour World series except Rose Proto, i.e. TW747 P, Vx and V in the available standard shafts.

All woods, hybrids and the Tour World Driver in the shafts offered at ExactGolf.

Honma Beres IS-06 and IE-06 irons.

Vega Mizar Plus Irons.

Special requests for shafts and other clubs can be offered as demo clubs on request with some waiting time.

Please simply contact us, best via phone +49 8663 88 34 78 or email: info@exactgolf.com:

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