Honma BERES 2020: Now available

We were one of the first in Europe to receive the new Honma Beres and of course tested them immediately. Compared to the Beres-06 series there are some changes. The 06 is dropped, so the new Beres are not called 07 but just Beres. This may be confusing at first, but if you consider how rarely Honma publishes new Beres, this step makes sense. Then there were three different Honma Beres before: IS, IE and IE for ladies. The old IE series is abandoned, so that there is only the equivalent to IS and IE ladies. In short: There are Beres clubs that are more for men and more for women. There are still enough shaft options and shaft weights that we can be sure to find the exact configuration for players who are more "between" men and women.

First impression of the Beres for 2020

Honma definitely refined the clubs once again. All woods have the Honma logo lasered into the clubface. Our first impression was that it was a sticker, but this is how the face actually looks like. Honma has built a slot into the sole of the irons to increase the ball speed. Similar to the XP1, the woods are equipped with a lot of chrome, which makes it difficult to take pictures of the clubs. The optical impression is absolutely high quality and definitely meets the high demands of Beres. These are certainly the most beautiful Beres clubs there have been so far.

Slice Challenge accepted

A big innovation is the anti-slice alignment on driver, fairway wood and hybrid. Honma has upgraded in their fight against the slice, so to speak. So we made it our task to hit a fade with the Beres woods. We only managed this in a few cases. The reason for this is that both the offset and the face position make a slice almost impossible.

In short: If you have problems with the slice, you will love the new Beres.
Conversely, if you never actually hit a slice or have to fight a hook, the new Beres clubs are probably not for you.

Performance of the Honma Beres

In terms of performance, the new Beres tie in with their predecessors. This means that the launch is maximized for lower clubhead speeds, as is the ball speed. So it's about being able to hit the ball as high and far as possible without having to invest more work. The Beres have always achieved this better than any other club.

What we noticed, however, is that the new Beres have become much softer. Especially pure hits in the sweetspot feel soft as butter and you really notice how the ball is exploding forward. With the old Beres such hits were rewarded less intensively.

The grips of the new Honma Beres are a bit thicker than the old ones and altogether have a better grip. Honma is thus taking a step into the European market, where thicker grips are generally in demand than in Japan.

Click here to view the new Honma Beres

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