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Honma Beres Driver - available soon

The Honma Beres 06 series is now almost sold out. Honma will soon start the new Beres series. That's why Beres 06 clubs are currently not available directly on ExactGolf. If you still wish to order a Beres 06 club, please contact us via info@exactgolf.com or phone: +49 8031 7986088.

If you would like to stay up to date and be the first to receive the new Beres, please register for our newsletter by scrolling down. As soon as we have more information about the new Beres we will publish it on ExactGolf.

About the Beres E-06 Driver

The Beres E-06 Driver is basically the result of Honmas core competence. The entire Beres range is so successful for two reasons: Firstly, the shafts are very soft and light but at the same time allow high precision. And the club heads are optimized for each type of player and their club head speeds. While the Beres S-06 Driver is designed for higher clubhead speeds and the E-06 Ladies Driver for lower clubhead speeds, the Beres E-06 forms the exact center. Accordingly, it is often played by both men and women.

Like the other two Beres drivers, the Beres E-06 is characterized by the so-called "split groove area". These are the indentations on the back of the club head. It maximizes the repulsion effect of the ball from the clubface and ensures maximum lengths. Together with the particularly low centre of gravity, shots with low club head speed also achieve the ideal launch angle from the tee. This is the only way to get the maximum length.

But length alone is not everything and this is where Honma's strength comes into play: The specially manufactured ArmRQ shafts are particularly light and soft, but have a very low torque. These are the torsions of the shaft during the stroke which one absolutely wants to avoid because they cause dispersion. In this respect, the Honma shafts are unique and the higher the number of stars chosen, the better the torque values. By the way, most players choose the 3-star version because it offers a good compromise in terms of price/performance.

Honma Beres E-06 Driver Data

Swing Weight and Shaft Length

Swing Weight Regular C-8
Swing Weight Stiff
Shaft length 45.75 inch
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