Honma Beres Irons Single

Product image 1Honma Beres Irons Single
Product image 2Honma Beres Irons Single

New Honma Beres Irons - available now

You can now order the new Honma Beres from us - by email, phone or the contact form. Please let us know your desired configuration or ask for our recommendation. You will then receive an offer from us by email or with a link to complete your order. This way we can make sure that you get exactly the clubs you need and can tell you the delivery time.

Please order by email: info@exactgolf.com or phone: +49 8031 7986088 or by the following contact form:

The predecessors were called IS-05, IS-06, S-06, etc., respectively. Honma has now given up this numbering and rating. The new Honma Beres are only called Beres and they are available in different stars and shafts. With the shafts the weight varies so that one can deal very well with the individual player. The best thing to do is let us advise you.

About Beres 06 Irons

These are single irons of the Honma Beres series. You can order the IS-06, IE-06 and IE-06 for ladies - all in the exact configuration you want. All single orders are "Honma Custom" orders, which means that they must be made individually in Japan. This takes up to 10 weeks. But this is your opportunity to complete your Beres set.

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