Honma Classic Caddie Bag

Product image 1Honma Classic Caddie Bag
Product image 2Honma Classic Caddie Bag
Product image 3Honma Classic Caddie Bag
Product image 4Honma Classic Caddie Bag

Regular price €437,00

Honma launches a new classic bag every year. 2020 is no different. The Classic Caddie Bag is "classic" in the choice of colours alone: black, navy, brown. And that in combination with gold-coloured seams and Honma logo. The Classic Caddie Bag is anything but intrusive. The two Honma logos are kept small and discreet. It's not as if you have everyone to recognize across two fairways that you are playing Honma.

The bag is relatively heavy with 4,5kg and therefore especially suitable for carts and electric trolleys. It is 9 inches long and therefore belongs to the larger models. The Classic Caddie Bag definitely offers enough storage space for the round. And of course there is the matching hood to go with it.
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