Honma GS Fairway Woods

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The Honma GS series stands for "Gain Speed" and Honma really pulls out all the stops to increase ball speeds. The GS fairway wood is designed for players with below average club head speeds who also struggle with a slice. The centre of gravity in the club head is such that a draw is always preferred. It is not a guarantee against a slice, but it defuses it considerably.

Honma also uses the proven slot technology in the GS Fairway wood. This maximises the ball speed and simplifies launch. This not only enables better distances, but also that the ball reaches a flight height with which greens can also be played well.

With the SpeedTuned shafts, this increased launch is also supported. You can choose between Regular and Stiff. The SpeedTuned shafts are uniform in the GS series so you don't have to worry about the shaft weight.

For the first time, the GS fairway wood is also available as a 4 wood - ideal for those who only want to have one fairway wood in their bag or are always wavering between a 3 and 5 wood.

Please note that although the Honma GS series was developed in Japan, production does not take place in Japan. However, we consider the performance and price-performance ratio to be very good, which is why Honma GS clubs are also offered on ExactGolf.

Honma GS Fairway Woods Specs and Data

Club 3w 5w 7w
Loft in ° 15 18 21
Lie Angle in ° 57.5 58.0 58.5
Head volume 188 174 158
Shaft Length in " 43 42.5 42
Swing Weight - Regular D-1 D-1 D-1
Swing Weight - Stiff D-1.5 D-1.5 D-1.5
Total Weight - Regular 312 316 320
Total Weight - Stiff 315 319 323
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