Honma GS Hybrid

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Regular price €295,00

The new Honma GS Hybrid has been developed as a "Game Improvement" hybrid and simplifies the game, especially for players with below average club head speeds. It also helps the player avoid an unwanted slice. The centre of gravity in the head tends towards the heel so the ball flight tends towards a draw.

The 55g Speedtuned shafts are standard in the new GS series. With their kick point, they support a high launch and the most efficient speed transfer possible.

The head of the GS Hybrid is equipped with the slot technology already known from the Honma XP1. This provides more ball speed and an improved launch.

The GS Hybrid is available in 18°, 21° and 24° - each with SpeedTuned 55 Regular or Stiff.

Please note that although the Honma GS series was developed in Japan, production does not take place in Japan. However, we consider the performance and price-performance ratio to be very good, which is why Honma GS clubs are also offered on ExactGolf.

Honma GS Hybrid Specs and Data

Club U18 U21 U24
Loft in ° 18 21 24
Lie in ° 58.0 58.5
Head Volume 130 130
Shaft Length in " 40.5 40 39.5
Swing Weight - Regular D-1 D-1 D-1
Swing Weight - Stiff D-1.5 D-1.5 D-1.5
Total Weight - Regular 339 343
Total Weight - Stiff 342
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