Honma GS Ladies Driver

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Honma has made two big changes with the GS Driver compared to the XP1 Driver. Firstly, it is now possible to adjust the head weight with the help of a weight screw. And secondly, the "Non Rotating System" allows the loft and face to be changed at will - without having to twist the shaft as is usual with other systems.

Thanks to the light and soft 42g shafts, the Honma GS Driver is the ideal club off the tee for several reasons. Ladies and seniors in particular benefit from the especially light shaft weight and the technology that goes into the GS Driver. In addition to the adjustment options already mentioned, the GS Driver also offers the desired combination of ball speed and increased launch. This is made possible, for example, with the help of the "Speed Technology". This is a slot directly behind the clubface.

The club head itself is also designed in such a way that as much weight as possible can be saved in the crown area and distributed over the sole. This makes the launch much easier.

The GS Driver also tends to be set for draw to counteract an undesirable slice.

The GS Driver is available in 10.5° and 11.5° loft.

Please note that although the Honma GS series was developed in Japan, production does not take place in Japan. However, we consider the performance and price-performance ratio to be very good, which is why Honma GS clubs are also offered on ExactGolf.

Honma GS Ladies Driver Specs and Data

Head material

Body: Ti811+
Face: Ti-6-4

Loft 10.5° and 11.5°
Lie Angle 59.5°
Head Volume 460
Shaft Length 43.75
Swing Weight C-7
Total Weight 283
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