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The ladies irons of the new Honma GS series are ideal for players with below average club head speed. They make the game easier, especially for ladies and senior players. This is an area where Honma has always shown its strengths. The Honma Beres series has been the gold standard for decades. The GS series plays in a different price segment but still relies on the same principle: light and soft shafts with low swing weight and club heads that make the game as easy as possible.

The result is a combination that is hard to beat. The light shafts are much easier to accelerate than typical irons for ladies. They also provide maximum launch. This is what you need above all when it comes to getting the ball into the air from the fairway and onto a green.

The technology behind it is easy to explain: the centre of gravity of the iron is as low as possible and far behind the clubface. This ensures maximum launch. The thin clubface and "two-piece" construction, in combination with the slot in the sole, ensures maximum ball speeds.

The tungsten insert in the sole is also slightly shifted towards the toe. This increases the MOI and thus also forgiveness. The result is an iron that not only forgives many mistakes, but also enables maximum lengths.

The standard set of Honma GS ladies irons consists of 7 irons from 6 iron to sand wedge. A 5 iron can be purchased additionally. The shaft is always SpeedTuned 42g in Ladies Flex.

Please note that although the Honma GS series was developed in Japan, production does not take place in Japan. However, we consider the performance and price-performance ratio to be very good, which is why Honma GS clubs are also offered on ExactGolf.

Honma GS Ladies Irons Specs and Data

Club #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #SW
Loft in ° 26 29
37 42
Lie in ° 61 61.5 62 62.5 63 63 63.5
Face Progression 3.0 3.0
Shaft Length 36.5 36 35.5 35 34.5 34.5 34.0
Swing Weight C-6 C-6 C-6 C-6 C-6 C-7 C-7
Total Weight 350
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