Honma Light Cart Bag

Product image 1Honma Light Cart Bag
Product image 2Honma Light Cart Bag
Product image 3Honma Light Cart Bag
Product image 4Honma Light Cart Bag
Product image 5Honma Light Cart Bag
Product image 6Honma Light Cart Bag

Regular price €229,00

This bag is certainly not a new concept and a very traditional Honma Bag. Especially the white/blue and white/black version shows a very clear contrast and does not necessarily hide the Honma logo. On the contrary: if you want to show off your love for Honma and make sure you can see it from the other fairway, these two colour variations are a good choice.

It's a whole 'nother story the Light Cart Bag in black and navy. Here the Honma lettering is in the same colour as the bag and can only be recognised on closer inspection. These two versions are far less conspicuous and relatively unobtrusive. With 2,7kg and 9" size the Light Cart Bag is one of the lighter bags, but it is slightly heavier than the Heather Bag or Lightweight Bag.
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