Honma Mole Caddie Bag

Product image 1Honma Mole Caddie Bag
Product image 2Honma Mole Caddie Bag
Product image 3Honma Mole Caddie Bag

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The Honma Mole Caddie Bag is designed for all those who are looking for a robust bag for cart or trolley. With 9 inches it is relatively long and with 4.6 kg not necessarily a lightweight so this bag is preferred for electric trolleys or carts. If you are looking for a slightly lighter Honma Caddie Bag you will find it with the Honma Tour World (Lite) or the Honma Dancing Letters Caddie Bag.

What makes this bag unique is the focus on the mole and less on the Honma lettering. This fact makes the bag much more discreet and can only be recognized from afar by Honma fans.

The Mole Caddie Bag is available in black or white and both versions are equipped with a little red or red/blue.

Material: PU

Weight: 4.6 kg

Size: 9 inch

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