Honma Mole Tnmt Standbag

Product image 1Honma Mole Tnmt Standbag
Product image 2Honma Mole Tnmt Standbag
Product image 3Honma Mole Tnmt Standbag
Product image 4Honma Mole Tnmt Standbag

Regular price €359,00

The Honma Mole TNMT Standbag is a very comfortable stand bag with the typical Honma mole on the front. It definitely offers a lot of space and with 9 inch a sufficient size. With 2.8 kg it is still relatively light. It is mainly intended for sporty players who know what to do with Honma's mole. Because this is naturally very present on this bag and also recognizable from the distance.

Material: Polyester

Weight: 2.8 kg

Size: 9 inch

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