Honma Sport Caddie Bag

Product image 1Honma Sport Caddie Bag
Product image 2Honma Sport Caddie Bag
Product image 3Honma Sport Caddie Bag
Product image 4Honma Sport Caddie Bag
Product image 5Honma Sport Caddie Bag

Regular price €229,00

With the Honma Sport Caddie Bag the name says it all. This bag is especially for very sporty players who do not carry their bag on the round but want to push or pull it over the course. It is so to speak a small version of a tour bag: sporty, big and with enough space.

The Sport Caddie Bag is made of polyurethane, it is water resistant but not absolutely waterproof. The size is 9 inches and the weight 4.2kg. The Sport Caddie Bag is available in black, white and white/navy. This version also includes red elements. Nevertheless this version is not too obtrusive in color.

One thing has to be clearly stated: with this bag you can't hide that you have a weakness for Honma. Because the Honma logo is stitched on three places. It is therefore especially designed for players who don't want to hide themselves.
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