Honma Stand Bag 2019 - black, navy or red

Product image 1Honma Stand Bag 2019 - Black, Navy Or Red
Product image 2Honma Stand Bag 2019 - Black, Navy Or Red
Product image 3Honma Stand Bag 2019 - Black, Navy Or Red

Regular price €249,00

This Stand Bag is very classic and connoisseurs can see from afar that it is a Honma Bag. At least who knows the mole as logo. It is therefore not a bag with which one can hide his love for the Japanese noble manufacturer. You shouldn't either. Honma clubs actually belong in a Honma bag - it's that simple.

The Stand Bag by Honma is a carrying bag like it is written in beech. This should not be too heavy and also not too big. With 2.5kg it is pretty light and 8.5 inch is a pleasant size. In combination with the comfortable carrying strap, 18-hole carrying also becomes a comfortable affair. The Stand Bag is available in discreet black, but also in navy and red.

Available in black, navy or red. 

Weight: 2.5kg

Size: 8.5"

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