Honma TW-MB Rose Proto Irons

Product image 1Honma TW-MB Rose Proto: Justin Roses Weapons
Product image 2Honma TW-MB Rose Proto: Justin Roses Weapons
Product image 3Honma TW-MB Rose Proto: Justin Roses Weapons
Product image 4Honma TW-MB Rose Proto: Justin Roses Weapons
Product image 5Honma TW-MB Rose Proto: Justin Roses Weapons

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We are very happy to be one of the first dealers to offer the Rose Proto. This set of irons is also played by the #1 of the world, Justin Rose and is only available in limited quantities. Currently we have exactly one set in stock, no more and no less. And it is questionable when more sets can be delivered. If you absolutely want the Rose Proto, you should be quick.

The Rose Proto is the classic blade of Honma's new TWorld range. The TW747 V comes very close to a blade, but can't be clearly described as such. With the Rose Proto, the center of gravity is even further behind the ball and the shape is even more straightforward. Justin Rose himself had a great influence on the development of this iron and could shape it according to his own ideas.

Currently the Rose Proto is only available in one shaft, the Dynamic Gold AMT Tour White in Stiff. The set goes from iron 4 to PW. In the future a set from iron 3 should also be available, but not in the only available set. Repeat orders are currently not possible.

TWorld Rose Proto Review

There are just a few Rose Proto clubs on the market yet, but the ExactGolf team has been able to test this iron extensively. The Rose Proto was tested with a Nippon 950 GH in Stiff, a shaft that fits very well to this head, but might be a bit too soft for some players that consider playing a Rose Proto.

One must not forget one: The Rose Proto was at least developed with and for Justin Rose and it is a modern blade. This club is not for average players. It is necessary to hit the ball consistently with a relatively high club head speed, otherwise you will have little joy with this iron.

But it's also true that the Rose Proto is not a real blade that makes life a lot harder. Optically the club face doesn't look very trustworthy when you address the ball, because it isn't very long. You see directly that you can't hit the ball 2cm outside or inside and expect the same result as in the sweetspot. What is visibly thicker, however, is the topline of the iron, i.e. the "upper area" of the club head. This gives you a lot more self-confidence because you know that there is at least some weight behind the ball. Also the face is relatively high and hits above and below the sweet spot are not penalized as hard as with a classic blade.

Miura MB-001 on the left and Honma Rose Proto on the right

If you hit the first balls with the Rose Proto you immediately notice the soft steel which is typical for our Japanese irons and Honma. This fact alone gives a softer feel even if not every ball is hit in the center. And apart from that you have to say that the weight distribution of the Rose Proto is relatively low for a blade, it hides quite a lot of mass in this area of the club and so a decent launch at reasonable club head speeds of 85 mph and up with a 7 iron is not an issue. With classic blades this can be a problem, but with the Rose Proto we don't see this as a problem.

Club heads of Rose Proto and Miura MB-001 compared

As far as offset is concerned, the Rose Proto is a classic blade and really only has minimal offset. This means that the club is also an option for strong draw players. For them it is relatively difficult to find clubs with little offset nowadays.

The question you have to ask yourself is this: Is the Rose Proto suitable for me?

First of all you have to say one thing: you shouldn't just buy this club because you like Justin Rose. If you don't have an above-average club head speed and a decent hit pattern, you won't have much fun with this iron. But it is a real option for players who can't decide between Blade and Cavity Back and who can't be intimidated by a small clubface. Self-confidence on the ball is needed.

Sole comparison: Rose Proto on the left vs. Miura MB-001 on the right

If these characteristics apply, the Rose Proto should really be shortlisted. The only drawback of this wonderful club are the shaft options, because there is only one standard option. Other shafts are Honma custom and cost either an extra charge or it takes 8-10 weeks until they are delivered or both. We at ExactGolf can also fit any shaft you want, without waiting. In our opinion anyone who buys such a wonderful club and can play at such a level should also get the right shaft in the right length with the right swing weight. That is then again our task and we would love to do it for you.

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