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Behind the XP1 Driver is a lot of technology that results in a high ball speed, a high launch, low spin and a draw trend. This also fits perfectly with the XP1 driver's target group, players with low to average club head speeds who often struggle with a slice and want to get the most out of their swing.

Like the Tour World Driver, the Honma XP1 Driver has the ability to change the loft and face position without twisting the shaft.

The XP1 Driver is available in 9.5°, 10.5° and 12°, the so-called high-launch version. Standard shaft length is 45.25 inches.

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Honma XP1 Driver Specs and Data

Head material

Ti6-4+ Carbon (ET40)

Loft 9.5°, 10.5°, 12.5°
Lie Angle 59.5°
Head Volume 460
Shaft Length 45.25
Swing Weight - Regular D-1
Swing Weight - Stiff/Regular D-1
Swing Weight - Stiff D-1.5
Total Weight - Regular 285
Total Weight - Stiff/Regular 290
Total Weight - Stiff 292

Honma XP1 Driver Review

For the following test the Honma XP1 Driver with 10,5° Loft and 43g Vizard shaft was used. The player wanted a driver that would allow him more length from the tee on the one hand and counteract the threatening slice on the other hand. Of course, the necessary control should not be missed. The XP1 Driver is a very good choice for such a player with approx. 77mph club head speed. This clubhead speed is not necessarily high for a driver and it is important to choose a shaft that allows maximum lengths and without the deviations in the direction to become too large. The XP1 does this with its own Vizard shaft.

What the driver head also has is a very low center of gravity as far behind the clubface as possible. This facilitates the launch enormously.

Before we go into the fitting with the player, however, a few impressions of the XP1 Driver.

Appearance and feeling

The club looks extremely high quality which is mainly due to the high chrome content. After a long period of testing under real conditions we noticed that the chromed parts of the head are not wearing as much as we feared. Although the crown is made of carbon and not directly visible due to the surface being painted black. What is immediately noticeable is the slightly closed face. One of the features of the XP1 driver is the ability to fight the well-known slice. This is achieved on the one hand by a closed face position and on the other hand by a centre of gravity close to the shaft. The clubface can of course be adjusted without having to rotate the shaft. For this test we used the slightly closed clubface because our player has to fight against a slice - at about 7° swing direction from the outside.

Test results with the Honma XP1 Driver

It is not possible to reliably and accurately test the XP1 driver against other drivers, so we do not make statements that we cannot support in a fair test. What was striking was the high launch with an average of 18° with the 10,5° loft version and an Angle of Attack of 3,5° upwards. The player had basically no slice problems - on the contrary, the hit pattern was a good 10m to the left and typical slice shots had only minimal curvature to the right. The XP1 Driver fulfills all promises in this respect and for this player it would actually be necessary to adjust the face less closed.

Conclusion and recommendation

The XP1 Driver is a real option for all players who want to get the most out of a relatively low club head speed in the 70-80mph range. The driver offers all the modern technology for maximum launch and ball speed. This is combined with the famous Honma Vizard shafts, which offer the ideal compromise of light and soft shafts with low torsion. In addition, you can adjust the loft and face of the driver without twisting the shaft (and therefore the grip). Especially for a player like our test person, this has proven to be very advantageous as they need a not too strong "anti-slice setting".

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