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The TWorld series is a huge success for Honma and both the woods and the iron sets are becoming increasingly popular. For good reasons. For relatively little money you can get handmade, forged irons from Japan. And Justin Rose has also demonstrated that you can play well with these clubs. The TWorld 747 Driving Iron completes the offer and provides a real alternative for long irons, hybrids or fairway woods.

If you have answered the question whether you should count on a Driving Iron or not, the choice is quite simple: With the TW747 you get best Honma quality for less than 300€. The TW747 Driving Iron is equipped with a weight screw in the toe area. Thus bad hits are well compensated. Generally the TW747 Driving Iron is very forgiving and altogether a very well playable Iron. Provided of course you choose the right setting. Because one must not forget one thing: it is and remains an iron and with so little loft you first have to be able to transport it into the air. The right shaft selection is crucial here and players who don't have high club head speeds are well advised to use the Vizard graphite shaft. This makes the club lighter and more forgiving. Very good players should rely on the Modus 3 for TWorld shaft. The Modus shaft also feels a bit softer than the label says.

The TW747 Driving Iron is available in 19°, 22° and 25° as 3, 4 and 5 iron.

Please keep in mind that when you select a longer shaft than standard a custom Honma order is required. Meaning that Honma has to do the customization, not ExactGolf. And this requires about 8 weeks of additional shipping time. This is not the case for all other customizations and also not for shorter shafts.

Range of application for such a utility iron

The TW747 Driving Iron has a wide range of use - just as a utility iron should. As the name suggests, it should be used as often as possible on the course.

On the one hand you can use it wonderfully from the tee because it has a relatively low launch with little spin. That means a low ball flight, with little spin, a lot of roll and therefore good control and length.

This utility iron is also used when the long irons are too hard to play. Many players have problems with long irons like 3, 4 or even 5. For these players this iron is a perfect replacement because it is similar in characteristics, but much easier to play. The launch is easier, the forgiveness and ball speed are higher.

Honma TWorld Driving Iron Test

Driving irons are a kind of secret weapon - provided you know how to use them correctly and know the strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I used a Driving Iron 6 years ago. At that time it was a iron 2 with Dynamic Gold X-Stiff shaft. It was reasonably playable from the tee but I had no chance from the fairway. That means: even the most beautiful fade hardly flew into the air and the club was useless to attack any green. It served at most as a kind of "transporter". But to use one of 14 clubs for this is a waste.

A Driving Iron must therefore be used correctly, otherwise you have little pleasure. First of all you should be aware of the setup and determine the gap in the loft you have to fill. Then the consideration is in which situations and with which conditions the iron is needed. The big advantage of a driving iron is that the clubface is very large compared to a long iron or hybrid. A good Driving Iron compensates missing hits very well without influencing the trajectory massively. The Driving Iron also has less spin than a hybrid. Instead it is less playable from bad positions and no real option to attack the green from all positions.

For players who need more flexibility in addition to their long irons, hybrids and woods, this club is just right. With this club you can achieve good lengths from the tee in all conditions and thanks to the low spin the wind doesn't matter and the ball rolls properly on the fairway. If you like to take a long iron, hybrid or fairway wood from the tee, you should seriously consider a Driving Iron because it offers much more advantages. You should also think about the disadvantages before making a purchase decision and have to compensate for them by using alternative clubs such as a hybrid in your bag.

The new Honma TWorld 747 Driving Iron

The new Driving Iron from Honma completes the TWorld series which - thanks to Justin Rose - is really well received. No wonder, the irons are excellent and affordable at an absolutely fair price. The TW747 Driving Iron is available from 299€. At least in the steel shafts Modus 3 and Dynamic Gold. The two Vizard graphite shafts cost 30 or 50€ extra. Admittedly, this is not little for just one club and there are cheaper Driving Irons. But let's have a look at the advantages, then you can decide for yourself.

Forged soft steel

Unlike most other irons, the TW747 Driving Iron is forged from extra soft steel. The result is the softest imaginable feeling at impact. Some irons are also made of soft steel, but only cast and not forged. Both are, so to speak, the supreme discipline and you can feel it with every shot.

Perfect adjustability

In this context, adjustability should not be underestimated. Then the Honma Driving Iron can be easily adjusted by up to 2° - without much effort. That means you can adjust the loft but also the lie. If it turns out, for example, that you need a bit more length, the loft can easily be bent downwards. Or the swing changes a bit and you need another lie. No problem.

Matching shafts

Honma always assembles clubs themselves and only uses shafts of which they are convinced of the quality. On the one hand, with the Vizards they have their own shafts that are of the same quality. And on the other hand you get more original shafts to choose from. This should not go unmentioned, because most of the big manufacturers only use OEM shafts and not the originals. That's why the shaft selection is somewhat limited, but you know that the quality is right.

Our test on the course

Right at the first tee you notice the soft, forged steel that gives an incredible feeling. And what becomes immediately apparent after the first "drives": The spin is minimal, especially the side spin. This spin is feared all too often. You hit a bit too far from the inside and the left rough comes into play. With a driving iron like the TW747, the spin is at least defused. That doesn't mean that roughs won't be an issue in the future, but compared to a hybrid you have a better chance to avoid it.

Thus these shots are also resistant to wind - at least as far as possible. Wind from the side as well as headwind can do little harm to the ball. Out of interest we also made tee shots without teeing up. Of course you make it all more difficult and you notice that the ball flight is quite flat. So flat that one also loses a few meters in comparison to the tee. But important is also: if you have to attack a green from the right distance, the Driving Iron is actually an alternative.

Lofts and shafts

The lofts available are 19, 22 and 25°, like an iron 3, 4 and 5. The Driving Iron should be chosen to be the longest iron in the bag. If the set ends e.g. with iron 4 you should add the driving iron 3. And if there are gaps in the length, you can easily adjust the iron by 1, 2 degrees loft.

For good players we clearly recommend the Modus 3 shaft for TWorld. The kick point is relatively low on this shaft, which means the launch tends to be higher and you get the ball better in the air. Especially with iron 3, this is an issue even at quite high club head speeds.

When it comes to graphite shafts, you should choose your shaft depending on whether you prefer Regular or Stiff. The Vizard 747 weighs 50g and is available in Regular. It is recommended only for low clubhead speeds while the IB-WF 85g for Stiff for a bit faster speeds.

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