Honma TW747 V Irons

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Regular price €1.080,00

Honma TW 747 V: Affordable forged irons for demanding players

This iron was built especially for very good players, who want the advantages of a blade, but do not want to completely give in on the characteristics of a cavity back iron. The TW747 V has a bit less offset compared to the Vx, a slightly thinner face and the center of gravity is behind rather than under the ball. This means that Honma is very close to a classic blade but without giving up forgivability. The TW747 V therefore plays comparatively easy, which does not mean that it is also recommended for higher handicaps. There is no additional tungsten weight in the toe of the head. Therefore hits at the toe are punished a little harder than with the TW 747 Vx.

All in all, Honma has conjured up a particularly good iron here, which actually exactly meets the requirements of the target group. And at an absolutely fair price. One must not forget that the shafts used by Honma already play in a different league and meet the highest quality standards. We at ExactGolf do not sell these premium club heads with junk shafts just to make the overall set cheaper.

Standard set from 5-PW. You can add a 4 and 3 iron as well.

Please keep in mind that when you select a longer shaft than standard or a custom shaft (see below) a custom Honma order is required. Meaning that Honma has to do the customization, not ExactGolf. And this requires about 8 weeks of additional shipping time. This is not the case for all other customizations and also not for shorter shafts.

Buy Honma TW747 V online

Meanwhile you buy practically everything online, so why not buy your next iron set online as well? We at ExactGolf make it as easy as possible for you, but we want you to have the right material to improve your game. That's why we give you a few tips in advance to help you make the right choice. We are also available to you at any time via email, telephone or live chat. Simply contact us.

From iron 3 or 4?

First of all the question arises which set size to take. The tendency is more towards iron 4 because hybrids make things much easier when it comes to longer strokes in terms of playability and accuracy. Even tour players don't necessarily always take a 3 iron and tend to adapt to the course and conditions. For example, if you play on links courses or it gets windy, you prefer long irons to hybrids. But for the average player, hybrids make it easier. That's why most players will play from iron 4. But you can also simply choose from iron 3 - as you like.

The right shaft length

In any case, the motto here is to choose a longer shaft in case of doubt, because you can always shorten it. But do not lengthen. The length of the shaft depends mainly on the body size and the swing plane. However, if you are considering a TW747 V, you are probably a good player. You should then also know how long your old irons are and whether they fit this way. The problem is that "standard" does not mean "standard". All manufacturers have a different standard and the shaft length even varies for the TW747 V depending on the shaft option - see data sheet. If you are unsure, just contact us.

The Lie

The Lie is even easier to adjust, because the Honma TW747 V can simply be "bent". At least with the right equipment. The Japanese steel is so soft that it's easy to do that. Theoretically as often as you like. That also makes sense, because the swing can change in the course of time and thus also the right Lie.

As a good player you should already know what lie should suit you best. Therefore we simply give the recommendation to go after it. You can also orient yourself to your old set of irons. If you have hit them relatively centrally you should not change anything at the lie. However, if the tendency is now strong at the heel, you should adjust "down". If it lies at the tip rather "up". We are not talking about the impact here, but how the sole of the club "cuts" through the ground or interacts with it. If you are unsure order a standard lie and we can change it for you anytime.

The right grip for the TW747 V

The absolute majority of our players are more than satisfied with the standard Honma grip. An alternative choice is hardly sensible unless you have a favourite grip that you can't do without. Basically we can mount any grip for you. If you have special requests, simply contact us.

Honma custom iron shafts for TWorld

We are listing all the available iron shafts for the TWorld series. Except for the Vizard IB-85 all shafts are Honma custom production which means that Honma assembles your order in Japan - and this takes 8-10 weeks. If you want to order a set with these shafts please get in touch through live chat, email or phone.

True Temper Models Flexes Kick-Point
Dynamic Gold AMT R300, S200, S300, S400, X100 High
AMT Red R300, S200 Low-mid
AMT Black R300, S200 Mid
AMT Tour White R300, S200, X100 High
Dynamic Gold 
R300, S200, S300, S400, X100
Dynamic Gold Tour S200, X100 High
Dynamic Gold 95 R300, S200 High-mid
Dynamic Gold 105 R300, S200, X100 High
Dynamic Gold 120 R300, S200, X100 High
XP 95 R300, S200 Low-mid
KBS Models Flexes Kick-Point
KBS Tour R, R+, S, S+, X Mid
R, R+, S, S+, X
KBS Tour 105
R, S, X -
KBS Tour 90
R, S Low
KBS Tour $-Taper
R, R+, S, S+, X
KBS Tour C-Taper
R, R+, S, S+, X
KBS Tour C-Taper 95
R, S, X -
KBS Hi-Rev
R, S, X
R, S, X
Nippon Models Flexes Kick-Point
N.S. Pro Zelos 6
- Low
N.S. Pro Zelos 7
R2, R, S
N.S. Pro Zelos 8
R, S Low
N.S. Pro  950GH
R, SR, S, X Mid
N.S. Pro 950GH WF
R, S, X
N.S. Pro 950GH HT
R, S
N.S. Pro V90
R, S Mid
N.S. Pro 850GH
R, S
N.S. Pro 750GH Wrap Tech
R, S
N.S. Pro 1050GH
R, S, X Mid
N.S. Pro 1150GH Tour
R, S, X
N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour 130
R, S, X
N.S. Pro Modus3 System 3 Tour 125
R, S, X
N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour 120
R, S, X, TX
N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour 105
R, S, X
N.S. Pro Modus3 for T World
R, S, X
Project X Models Flexes Kick-Point
Project X 5.0(R+), 5.5(S), 6.0(S+), 6.5(X), 7.0(X+) High
Project X LZ
5.0(R+), 5.5(S), 6.0(S+), 6.5(X)
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