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The XP1 Fairway wood has in principle the same technologies as the XP1 Driver. The head is only better adapted for the corresponding field of application. This means above all that the launch off the fairway is greatly simplified. Honma achieves this with the lightest carbon crown in the industry. This saves an enormous amount of weight in the upper part of the club head. This saving can be added further down. This is exactly what you want with a fairway wood, because the center of gravity moves deep under the ball. A simplified launch is the result.

The extremely thin clubface and the "double slot" technology also maximizes ball speed. The result is a high ball flight with maximum ball speed for long distances and above all a high trajectory. This also makes it possible to play greens from long distances.

The XP1 fairway wood for men is available with 53- and 63-gram Vizard shafts. It is very important for Honma to take a holistic approach and develop both the head and the shaft in-house. Therefore all XP1 clubs are only available with the in-house Vizard shafts which are perfectly matched to the head.

The fairway wood is available in 15°, 18° and 21°, i.e. wood 3, 5 and 7.

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Honma XP1 Fairway Wood Review

When you hold the XP1 Fairway wood in your hand and make your first shots with it, you notice the similarity to the Tour World woods. Actually, the XP1 are also part of the TWorld series, so the similarity is not surprising. What distinguishes the XP1 from the TW747 is the fact that the shafts are designed for players with average club head speeds and below. And there are a few more things that are different.

The look of the XP1 Fairway wood

The wood makes a very high-quality impression, especially thanks to the chrome. For us it was a real challenge to photograph the woods due to the strong mirror effect. You don't notice much of the built-in technology from the outside. The extremely light carbon crown, for example, is not recognizable as such. And the shift of the center of gravity to counteract a slice tendency is also noticeable.

The important difference, however, is the built-in slot in the lower part of the head. This provides above all for a higher ball speed - exactly this is what you need if you want to get the ball from the fairway into the air.

Our impression

The XP1 wood basically delivers exactly what Honma promises. And if you know how the club is constructed, you won't be really surprised. That means: The wood has an extremely low center of gravity and simplifies the launch enormously. This means that even at lower clubhead speeds the ball is easier to get into the air. Our test player had an average clubhead speed of 83mph with a 5 wood which is about average. The smash factor was enormously high at 1.41 which can have several causes. But the fact is: the club head manages to change the speed of the club head very well into ball speed and therefore also length.

The Test Results

What is striking about the analyzed data is not only the very high ball speed, but also the high spin and steep landing angle. Both are very positive characteristics for a fairway wood, because on the one hand you want to generate enough spin to keep the ball under control. And due to the steep landing angle it is possible to attack greens well. The combination of both even ensures that attacking the green is as successful as with an iron - that's how good the values are, namely 4200 total spin and a landing angle of 35°. In regards to carry lengths, 165m can be achieved with the mentioned club head speed.

Our Conclusion

Honma has done a great job with the XP1 and managed to develop a club head with extremely good values. The combination of the club head and the light and soft Vizard shaft ensures that even players with below-average club head speeds not only achieve maximum lengths with their fairway wood, but also have a real weapon in their bag when it comes to attacking flags.

Honma XP1 Fairway Woods Specs and Data

Club 3w 5w 7w
Head material AM355 + Carbon
Loft in ° 15 18 21
Lie Angle in ° 58 58.5 59
Head volume 188 173 159
Shaft Length in " 43 42.5 42
Swing Weight - Regular D-1 D-1 D-1
Swing Weight - Stiff/Regular D-1 D-1 D-1
Swing Weight - Stiff D-1.5 D-1.5 D-1.5
Total Weight - Regular 303 307 311
Total Weight - Stiff/Regular 305 309 313
Total Weight - Stiff 307 311 315
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