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If you want to develop a hybrid that actually simplifies the game, you have to put some tricks into it. But hardly any other manufacturer has as much experience in this field as Honma and this is obvious with the XP1 hybrids. On the one hand, as with the other XP1 woods, the light carbon crown is used which allows the center of gravity to be as far below the ball as possible.

Thanks to the so-called "Double Slot" technology and the extremely thin face, the ball speed is also maximized. The combination of both makes it very easy to launch the ball out of many different lies. In addition, this of course ensures long lengths, so that greens can be easily attacked from difficult positions and distances.

The XP1 Hybrid is available in 19°, 22° and 25° and only with the in-house Vizard shaft with 43 grams. Honma attaches great importance to the harmony between club head and shaft. This shaft is typical for Honma: very light, very soft and still good torque values.

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Honma XP1 Hybrid Review

We were already very impressed with the Tour World 747 Hybrid and had high expectations for the XP1 Hybrid. Even though XP1 is in principle a new series, it still belongs to the TWorlds. Therefore, the similarity cannot be denied. Maybe not optically but in terms of technology that you can already feel with the first hit.

Optics of the XP1 Hybrid

Similar to the other XP1 woods the hybrid is equipped with a lot of chrome which makes the club look very noble. Almost too noble to actually be used on a golf course and you would like to cover it completely. But it is still an item that should be used outside of clinical conditions.

The XP1 Hybrid differs from the 747 Hybrid mainly by the slot which is incorporated in the lower part of the head. However, this is quite well hidden and far less obvious than many other woods that use this technology.

The test results of the XP1 Hybrid

The XP1 Hybrid is similar to the XP1 Fairway wood in terms of numbers, with a very high launch and an impressive ball speed. The landing angle of almost 35° is quite steep for a 22°. The spin is also quite high with almost 4200. Both together means that with the XP1 Hybrid it is possible to actually attack greens. That's exactly what it should be used for. Just for players who have problems with long irons and also want to get near the flag from a longer distance. The hybrid was hit with a clubhead speed of 76 mph which is about average. Our test subject achieved a distance of 135m Carry.

In short, with the XP1 Hybrid, Honma is turning its promises into reality. This club not only achieves maximum ball speeds and a high launch with relatively low head speeds. Also the spin values are very good and shots into the green can be controlled wonderfully.

Our Impression

If you leave out the pure numbers the impression remains that the XP1 Hybrid is extremely easy to play. This is mainly due to the very light and soft shaft of only 43g. Honma only relies on the in-house Vizard shafts whose quality is very good in the end. This simplifies the play with the hybrid enormously. In addition, there is the club head which leaves nothing unattempted in terms of technology to make the game even easier.

The feel of the XP1 Hybrid is very energetic. This is mainly due to the sound we already know of the TW747 Hybrid. You get the impression that the ball leaves the clubface at high speed and the data reflects this.

Our Conclusion

In our opinion there is hardly a comparable club in this price segment and the Honma XP1 Hybrid basically does exactly what Honma promises. The shaft and club head are in perfect harmony and simplify long shots into the green for the player.

Honma XP1 Hybrid Specs and Data

Club U19 U22 U25
Head Material SUS630
Loft in ° 19 22 25
Lie in ° 59 59 59
Head Volume 136 136 136
Shaft Length in " 40.5 40 39.5
Swing Weight - Regular D-1 D-1 D-1
Swing Weight - Stiff/Regular D-1 D-1 D-1
Swing Weight - Stiff D-1.5 D-1.5 D-1.5
Total Weight - Regular 327 331 335
Total Weight - Stiff/Regulag 329 333 337
Total Weight - Stiff 331 335 339
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