Honma XP1 Ladies Hybrid

Product image 1Honma XP1 Ladies Hybrid
Product image 2Honma XP1 Ladies Hybrid
Product image 3Honma XP1 Ladies Hybrid
Product image 4Honma XP1 Ladies Hybrid
Product image 5Honma XP1 Ladies Hybrid
Product image 6Honma XP1 Ladies Hybrid
Product image 7Honma XP1 Ladies Hybrid

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The challenges in the development of a hybrid are very big, especially if you want to appeal to players with a rather low club head speed. After all, they have to be able to carry the ball into the air from different lies. And not only high, but also far so that greens can really be attacked from greater distances.

There is hardly a second manufacturer who understands this target group better than Honma and you can also see that with the XP1. The hybrid has an extremely light carbon crown which saves a lot of weight in the upper area of the club head so that more weight can be placed underneath the ball. This ensures an easy and high launch.

Honma also uses the proven slot technology and has equipped the XP1 Hybrid with a very thin face. Both in combination provide maximum ball speeds and thus also lengths.

The XP1 Hybrid is only built with the handmade Honma Vizard shafts from Japan in 39 grams. The XP1 Hybrid is available with 22°, 25° and 28°.

Any questions? Just get in touch through email: info@exactgolf.com or this contact form:

Honma XP1 Ladies Hybrid Specs and Data

Club U22 U25 U28
Head Material Body: SUS630
Face: Steel455
Loft in ° 22 25 28
Lie in ° 60 60 60
Head Volume 132 132 132
Shaft Length in " 39 38.5 38
Swing Weight C-2 C-2 C-2
Total Weight 308 312 316
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