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Miura CB-2008: No forged club forgives more

The CB-2008 will go down in history as Miura's first undercut iron. Normally, undercut irons are not forged because the process is too laborious. Who knows Miura knows that they are willing to accept more effort if the result at the end is right. And this is the case with the CB-2008 without any doubt. Because the CB-2008 doesn't just look nicer than any other undercut iron, it's also in no way inferior to the brothers in the Miura series.

This iron is for all those who want maximum forgiveness but are still looking for a forged Japanese iron of the highest quality. Therefore the Miura CB-2008 is also suitable for all handicap classes.

Iron set from 5-PW.

Buy the Miura CB-2008 online

At ExactGolf, you have all the options at your disposal to put together your very own personal set. Nevertheless, you should not be overwhelmed with the choices on the one hand and on the other hand you should not put your set lightly that might not really suit you at the end of the day. Therefore please read through the following points and if you still have questions or ambiguities, please contact us by email, live chat or telephone.

Select set size

We have selected the set size from iron 5 to PW as standard and only offer alternatives in exceptional cases. The reason is simply that this set makes sense for 95% of the players in this constellation. In principle, however, we can deviate from this, e.g. if you would like to do without a 5 iron. To do this, please contact us.

Proper shaft selection

As you are interested in a CB-2008 it is obvious that you are a player with average club head speed at max. The shafts should fit accordingly. It makes no sense to use a heavy and/or hard shaft in this case.

The light shafts that can be used are among others: Shimada S-Lite and VWS80, Modus 3 105, KBS C-Taper Lite and Fujikura Vista Pro. The latter is our graphite option which is very attractive because the price/performance ratio of this shaft is hard to beat. Therefore, this should be your first choice if you need a very light shaft that can come close to the steel shafts in terms of performance.

Otherwise the above mentioned steel shafts in R-Flex are also good alternatives. For steel shafts they are very light but of course not as light as the Fujikura Vista Pro.

Shafts are a complex subject. The table below should help you. You can also contact us at any time.

Shaft length of the CB-2008

Basically you can say that a bigger player needs a longer shaft and vice versa. But there are several "Buts". It also depends on the arm length and the swing itself. Someone who stands far away from the ball and swings flat needs a longer shaft than someone who stands above the ball. You should be aware of one thing: A shaft cannot be lengthened without further ado. If you buy a shaft that is too short, you cannot simply make it longer again. Conversely, this is of course possible.

In addition, a shaft change always influences the swing weight. And this is very important and is still underestimated. Therefore we would advise you to consult us before ordering a shortened shaft. Unless, of course, you have always played shorter shafts and know what you need.

Adjustment of the Lie

Far less dramatic are adjustments to the lie because it can be changed practically at will and relatively quickly. Here the maxim applies that the correct lie is very individual and you cannot make any general statements. The Lie is primarily about the club interacting with the ground as straight as possible and not causing large distortions. A wrong lie can open or close the clubface.

Miura CB-2008 Review and Test Report

If you take a closer look at the CB-2008 iron you will immediately notice that it is somewhat "unusual". Actually it is a classic forged cavity back. Then the "bulge" at the undercut is a bit surprising. In other words: the lower part on the back side is hollow. This is anything but usual - especially for a forged iron. But Miura wouldn't be Miura if they didn't work with all the tricks.

The idea behind it is to forge the iron like all other Miuras and still achieve the maximum forgiveness of a "double shell" iron. These are the clubs that are also called "Players Irons" and are composed of several components to achieve exactly this high degree of forgiveness. The expectations of the CB-2008 are accordingly high.

Feeling and forgiveness

Already after the first strokes one notices: The CB-2008 is far away from its namesake, the CB-1008, even if they are optically quite similar. The CB-1008 is much more sporty in comparison, provides more accurate feedback, forgives less and hits feel more intense. Especially the latter is something you miss with the CB-2008 if you are used to classic cavity backs or blades. The hits all feel pretty much the same and have little effect on the result. On the other hand, this is exactly what you want from such an iron. After all, it is meant for players who don't have a consistent hitting pattern and often hit the ball somewhere outside the sweet spot. And this is where the CB-2008 reveals its strengths. It doesn't matter where you hit the ball. In retrospect it's even hard to say if the ball was hit inside, outside or above. Also you don't notice much difference between slightly thin balls and those hit in the upper area. In this respect, the CB-2008 is a real "Players Iron" and has little to do with a cavity back.

Turf contact and playability

The sole of the CB-2008 is very wide, as it should be if you want maximum forgiveness. It is difficult to produce really deep divots with it. The club does not interact strongly enough with the ground. And that's exactly what you want with such an iron. No matter if the ball is hit flat or steep, the result is hardly changed. Steep shots only have an elongated and flat divot.

Normally you have to accept such restrictions in playability, i.e. that draws, fades, punches etc. are difficult to implement. This is also true for the Miura CB-2008, but all these strokes are relatively easy. It only takes a little more to move the ball in the desired direction. This also means that failures - such as when no draw or fade is desired - are not so radical. Here you have to make clear compromises. For the target group for whom the CB-2008 is an option, however, playability is of secondary importance.

Conclusion of the test and our recommendation

The Miura CB-2008 is a truly unique iron and the blacksmith from Japan has really taken the trick. It's especially for players who want a classic forged iron without sacrificing the benefits of a players iron. We strongly recommend the CB-2008 for players who care about looks and don't hit the ball clean enough to play a cavity back like the CB-1008, CB-301 or MC-501.

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