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Miura Genesis PP 9005: An Undercut Iron that is second to none

Miura is mainly associated with classic forged iron heads of the highest quality. The Genesis PP 9005 is out of the range here, of course not in terms of quality. This is also true for this iron. However, it is a club head consisting of a forged frame and the thinnest possible face.

The result is a low center of gravity which allows low loft constructions. This, together with the trampoline effect, makes extreme lengths possible, which are required especially by medium and higher handicaps. These players also enjoy maximum forgiveness and a very elegant look. This is atypical for Miura but a feast for the eyes compared to similar irons from other manufacturers.

There's quite a lot behind the Passing Point technology which is not recognizable at first glance. Miura works with rubber inserts behind the two red dots. This doesn't sound exciting at first, but it is one of the reasons why shots outside the sweet spot feel extremely soft.

Iron set from 5-PW.

Miura Genesis PP 9005 Club Data

Iron 5 6 7 8 9 PW
Loft (°) 24 27 30 34 39 44
Lie (°) 60 60.5 61 61.5 62 62.5
Length 38.0 37.5 37.0 36.5 36.0 35.5


Miura Genesis 9005 Review

The name Genesis is no coincidence and Miura has initiated a new age with it. The Miura Genesis PP 9005 doesn't look like a typical Miura iron at first. And yet it is one of our best-selling irons. The reason is quite simple: it is unique in its technology, has a large clubface, forgives many mistakes and can be easily combined with many good shafts. So it's time not to fit the Genesis PP 9005 this time and then build it, but to test it ourselves.

The optics of the Genesis PP 9005

The two red dots in the undercut, also known as "passing points", are striking. If you take a closer look you can also see a small gap in the undercut, i.e. there is a small cavity in between. It's not as big as the CB-2008 and can only be seen on closer inspection. What Miura expects from the Passing Point technology is a better launch, more speed and forgiveness. That's what we want to find out in practice.

Miura Genesis PP 9005 vs Miura CB 2008 clubheads

The clubface is undoubtedly huge. If you address the ball, it is hard to imagine not being able to hit it. It gives you the necessary self-confidence on the ball and is of course also a basic requirement for the forgiveness of mistakes which we will take a look at soon.

Forgiveness of mistakes and feeling

No doubt, this is the absolute strength of this iron and it would be bad if it were not so. For this iron, Miura has broken with traditional forging techniques and adapted to the changing times. In other words: today, a manufacturer needs an iron in its range that forgives mistakes to the maximum and also provides sufficient length for lower club head speeds. Miura therefore had to dig deep into the trickbox and the result is amazing.

It is especially remarkable because the feel of the shot remains very soft. Almost like you hold a classic forged Cavity Back Miura iron in your hands. The hits don't feel "hollow" at all and center hits are very full. But you also notice that even badly hit balls leave the clubface at high ball speed. However, there is no lasting experience of a full hit here, but the feeling is by no means unpleasant.

Ground contact and launch

Also interesting about this iron is the combination of sole and leading edge - this is the so called front edge of the clubface. The sole is relatively wide as it should be for such an iron, but the Leading Edge is relatively angular. This leads to the fact that thinly hit balls still feel good, but also that intensive ground contact is possible. Some irons in this category have such a wide sole and high bounce that divots are difficult to achieve. With the Genesis PP 9005 it's a bit different and if you want the club can work its way into the ground. That sounds negative now, but it's not. Because in most cases you want to get some feedback from the ground. For normal and flat swings this is even better because it simplifies the launch.

The launch angle of the Genesis PP 9005 is accordingly high because a lot of weight is placed underneath the ball. This means that even shots with a low club head speed provide the appropriate distance - provided the Genesis PP 9005 is combined with the right shaft.

In a nutshell: The Genesis PP 9005 punishes thinly hit balls less hard than most other irons in this category and allows you to produce divots with very steep swings.

Shaping and playability

The Genesis PP 9005 is designed for average to below average players and therefore it is of secondary importance if you can play a good draw or fade with this iron. We have tested it and can say that the playability is as good as you can expect from a two-piece iron. In order to produce curves you have to do a lot of work. Of course, this also means that unintended shapes like a hook or slice are not as dramatic as with a blade or cavity back iron. One also notices the mass that is placed behind the clubface and it seems as if a tilted clubface is tendentially squared again at impact. This reduces possible deviations even more and complicates curves of any kind.

Test result and recommendation

We have been offering the Miura Genesis PP 9005 for years and our customers appreciate it very much. After reading this test you will surely know why. The irons are a good alternative to Honma Beres and also cavity backs like Miura CB-2008. They are also interesting for players who have played cavity back irons before but now want more forgiveness or need more confidence in their game.

The Genesis PP 9005 has no weaknesses in this sense because it delivers exactly what this kind of player needs: Maximum forgiveness, high ball speeds, maximum launch and a look that gives self-confidence.

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