Miura Genesis PP 9005 Ladies

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Best quality from Miura - also for ladies

Miura doesn't make any special women's clubs, but that doesn't mean that you can't build the irons in a way that makes them suitable for women. Provided that you have the appropriate capabilities and experience. The Genesis PP is such a club which is also suitable for ladies. We have a selection of shafts specially designed for women. We can cut the shafts exactly as they have to be. And we can mount any grip imaginable - even very thin ones. We can also make the head lighter to further reduce the swing weight.

As you can see, with the Genesis PP we have all the possibilities to adapt it to your needs. That's why this club is also ideal for ladies. The head is, in our opinion, one of the best "two-shell" clubs on the market, is incredibly forgiving and the center of gravity is low so the balls are easier to get into the air even at low clubhead speeds.

Our standard ladies set ranges from 5 iron to PW. You can order the club online and we will discuss the right shaft, grip and swing weight selection with you.

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