Miura KM-006 Lefthanded Putter

Product image 1Miura KM-006 Lefthanded Putter
Product image 2Miura KM-006 Lefthanded Putter
Product image 3Miura KM-006 Lefthanded Putter
Product image 4Miura KM-006 Lefthanded Putter
Product image 5Miura KM-006 Lefthanded Putter

Regular price €379,00

Left-handers sometimes have tough luck when it comes to golf equipment, especially when Japanese clubs. Miura is a manufacturer who doesn't ignore left-handers, but can't offer the full range either. The reason for this is that the production is very complex. With the KM-006 LH Miura offers at least one left hand putter, which is based on the popular KM-009 Blade.

The KM-006 is a real blade and demands from its owner that he has a somewhat constant hit pattern. In addition one should move this putter rather with a light arc than on a line. This is the only way to express the strength of this blade putter. And this comes with an extremely precise result with constant hits.

The Miura KM-006 is specially assembled by us. This means that you can choose a shaft of the desired length with the appropriate grip. So you get an individual piece of Japanese forging art with exactly the configurations you want.

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