Miura KM-007 Putter

Product image 1Miura KM-007 Putter
Product image 2Miura KM-007 Putter
Product image 3Miura KM-007 Putter
Product image 4Miura KM-007 Putter
Product image 5Miura KM-007 Putter

Regular price €499,00

The KM-007 from Miura is a special putter in the shape of a half moon. The shaft is very close to the outside of the clubface and therefore this putter is especially suitable for players who have a light to strong arc instead of a straight line in their putting stroke.

In addition, the mere sight of the KM-007 makes a bad putter anxious. The player knows that he has to hit the ball very clean and centered to get the ball into the hole. You don't have to kid yourself: The Miura KM-007 is a putter that should not be used by players who don't have a constant stroke pattern.

But you will also be rewarded with balls in the sweetspot. The feeling is incomparably full. This is made possible by the combination of soft steel and the milled surface. This makes the KM-007 a very special putter.

We cut the shaft according to your wishes. Standard is 34". As grips we offer a whole range of options - at no extra charge. So you get your own individual Miura putter.

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