Mizuno ES21 Wedges

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Mizuno has come up with something very special for the new wedges and the background is the following: With the classic wedge shape the sweetspot is basically relatively close to the heel and the toe. Tour pros therefore play their wedge shots relatively thin and close to the shaft. While such a stroke may still be manageable for a tour pro, the situation is quite different for amateurs. Especially players who like to hit full shots with their wedges face the problem of having a relatively steep angle of attack and hitting the ball more in the middle of the clubface - but not in the lower area. Basically such a player will always miss the ball - even if it doesn't look like it.

With the ES21 Wedge, Mizuno has ventured into a two-piece construction and made it possible to actually put the center of gravity in the middle of the clubface. This means that you don't have to hit the ball slightly thin and closer to the shaft, but as with irons, you can hit it in the actual middle. The ES21 Wedge is available with a normal and wide sole. The latter wedge variant also has significantly more bounce. It is especially recommended for players who hit the ball very steeply.
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