Mizuno MCraft 1 Blade Putter

Product image 1Mizuno MCraft 1 Blade Putter
Product image 2Mizuno MCraft 1 Blade Putter
Product image 3Mizuno MCraft 1 Blade Putter
Product image 4Mizuno MCraft 1 Blade Putter

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Mizuno has not released putters for several years. This will change in 2020 with the MCraft series. The Mizuno MCraft series is designed for different types of players - depending on their preferred putting style. The MCraft 1 is designed for players who have a relatively large arc in their putting stroke.

The hosel is anchored deep in the heel without offset. The weight is therefore distributed strongly at the heel. This only makes sense if the putter draws a relatively strong arc and if you know how to handle it as a player. For example, if you tend to hit the ball at the toe, you will probably have problems with this putter because the hits will be punished quite heavily.

Mizuno provides a weight set with this putter so you can adjust the weight according to your own preferences. But the shape of the putter should already suit you. With the weights you can vary the tendency to heel or toe and adjust it to your personal style.

We offer you the possibility to replace the standard Mizuno grip with various SuperStroke models. This way you can create your own Mizuno MCraft Putter according to your wishes.

The MCraft Putter is available in satin, black and the popular Mizuno blue.

With over 350g the Mizuno MCraft is relatively heavy. This helps with a rhythmic and clean putting motion. In combination with a SuperStroke Counter Balance grip the swing weight can be reduced accordingly.

The Mizuno MCraft putter is forged from soft 1025 carbon steel and CNC milled. The milled face provides "deep" impacts for long contact times, which are crucial for maximum precision on the green.

Loft and lie can be minimally adjusted by us on request.

Pre-Order now - shipment in March.

Mizuno MCraft 1 Putter Specs and Lofts

Length: 34"

Loft: 4°

Lie: 70°

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