Mizuno MP20 SEL Lefty Irons

Product image 1Mizuno MP20 SEL Lefty Irons
Product image 2Mizuno MP20 SEL Lefty Irons
Product image 3Mizuno MP20 SEL Lefty Irons
Product image 4Mizuno MP20 SEL Lefty Irons
Product image 5Mizuno MP20 SEL Lefty Irons
Product image 6Mizuno MP20 SEL Lefty Irons

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With the MP-20 SEL Mizuno offers a set of clubs for left-handed players. The combination consists of the MP-20 HMB for the long irons and the MP-20 Blade for the short irons starting with iron 5. This combination is very well thought out because the HMB is an iron that is especially suited for long shots. It offers a much larger clubface and is simply more forgiving of mistakes. The offset is bigger and the launch is higher which Mizuno compensates for with the different lofts.

But this should not hide the fact that the MP-20 SEL is a set designed for good players. From iron 5 on you are working with the MP-20 blades and have to know how to handle them. If you don't feel up to it, the JPX919 Forged irons are a good choice. They are a bit easier to play but are also constructed differently.

The Mizuno MP-20 SEL is available in different configurations and shafts. You are free to choose your shaft length, the lie and loft and choose a grip of your choice. As far as shafts are concerned Mizuno offers all leading brands like Nippon, KBS, Project X and Dynamic Gold.

As the MP-20 SEL are forged from soft steel it is always possible to make adjustments in loft and lie. Should this change for you, we will gladly do this for you free of charge.

Mizuno MP20 SEL Specs and Lofts

Loft in ° Lie in ° Offset in Inch Length in Inch
#3 18 59.5 0.146 39
#4 22 60 0.142 38.5
#5 26 60.5 0.094 38
#6 30 61 0.091 37.5
#7 34 61.5 0.087 37
#8 38 62 0.083 36.5
#9 42 62.5 0.079 36
PW 46 63 0.075 35.5 
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