Mizuno ST200(G) Driver

Product image 1Mizuno ST200(G) Driver
Product image 2Mizuno ST200(G) Driver
Product image 3Mizuno ST200(G) Driver

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Mizuno is best known for their irons but that doesn't mean they can't have their say on the drivers. On the contrary. The new ST200 driver is considered by many experts to be one of the best for the 2020 season for several reasons. First of all Mizuno has finally said goodbye to putting their corporate identity too much into the design. The first Mizuno drivers were all blue which the majority just didn't like and was probably only an option for Mizuno enthusiasts. The ST200 Driver has a noble carbon look. Mizuno makes no effort to hide the carbon. Only in the sole there are still blue Mizuno elements.

With the ST200 Driver Mizuno has managed for the first time to keep up with the best in the industry in terms of spin. First tests not only show how impressively low the spin is kept, but also that it is constantly distributed over the clubface. Most drivers have the problem that the spin varies greatly at certain points such as the toe or the bottom of the clubface. Extreme variations in spin and distance are the result. Mizuno also had to struggle with the previous ST190 model in this respect. The successor ST200 showed a significant improvement.

Concerning adjustability Mizuno leaves practically nothing to be desired. The ST200G version has two rails to vary spin, launch and direction. For example it is possible to adjust the driver for length (low spin) and anti-fade. Or for maximum control (much spin and straight ball flight). The ST200 Driver does not offer this option. The ST200 Driver is particularly variable in terms of loft, as it can be adjusted by a total of 4°.

As far as the shafts are concerned you can choose from various standard Mizuno shafts, e.g. the popular Mitsubishi Tensei or the Fujikura Atmos. However, these are OEM shafts which we would like to point out here. You can also configure original shafts with us. This will be installed for you by ourselves. You can find the perfect shaft for your ST200 driver in a fitting which we would highly recommend if you want to maximize your performance off the tee.
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