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Mizuno's T-20 wedges were originally developed for the Tour only and have been in use there for some time. The pros love the shape and Mizuno has now been persuaded to make the T-20 wedges available for the amateur. What makes these wedges so special is the extra weight behind the topline. This ensures that the spin remains constant over the entire clubface. A decisive factor for a good wedge game is the distance control at full but also at smaller swings. This is the key to low scores and the T-20 wedges help with their head shape.

The different grinds of the T-20

Furthermore, the T-20 Wedge is the most versatile wedge on ExactGolf in terms of grinds and bounces. Mizuno offers three grinds: S, M and C. The S Grind is only important for long wedges like pitching or gap wedges. It is optimal for full shots and less so for pitches and chips. Therefore we would recommend the S Grind for clubs that are being used for full shots into the green and are rarely used for shorter shots, pitches and chips.

The M Grind is basically the optimal grind for "normal" conditions. If you seldom experiment with lob shots around the green and usually play on soft conditions and fairways, this is the right grind for you. However, if you consider yourself to be a gifted player around the green, need a lot of leeway with the sole, even on very short mowed fairways, such as those found on links courses, then the C Grind is more for you. We would only recommend this grind for players who know exactly what they are doing and what they need in a wedge. Mostly these are very good and experienced players with a very good short game who do not want to be restricted by a too wide sole with a lot of bounce.

The bounce of the T-20 Wedge

Grind and bounce go hand in hand with the Mizuno T-20 wedges and are coordinated accordingly. However, there are exceptions and wedges with the same bounce and loft but different bounce exist. This only applies to sand wedges. The main reason is that a player should have a lot of bounce on a wedge he uses from the bunker. Often this is a 56 or 58° wedge. However, some players use a lob wedge from the bunker and do not need the additional bounce in the sand wedge. For these players it can be useful to play a 56° wedge with little bounce and a 60° wedge with more bounce.

Finish on the T-20 Wedge

Mizuno offers three different finishes: Chrome, Blue Ion and Raw. Blue Ion is unusual for some, but for true Mizuno fans it is an option. Because it is actually a wedge in the well known "Mizuno Blue". Raw is the untreated version that changes over time and can rust. This is of course intended and helps to keep the spin constant even when the grooves are playing. Raw may not always look so nice, but it is the most durable wedge variation.

T-20 Wedge with Stamping

At ExactGolf you have the opportunity to sign your new T-20 wedges. You can choose up to 6 letters and 12 colors. This is the perfect way to customize and refine your new wedges. This service is free of charge for you.

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