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The Vega Alkaid Driver is the first driver from Vega with an adjustable shaft and also a rail to change the weight distribution. While all previous Vega Drivers were rather classic, the Alkaid Driver is in no way inferior to modern drivers. Not only does it offer a number of possibilities to optimise its individual configuration, but it also uses the so-called "AirFlow Technology". The principle behind it is already known from the previous driver, the Vega RAD. A large western manufacturer has marketed a very similar technology in its driver model for 2020 in a relatively aggressive way. Vega has known for a long time that a driver head should be optimised especially in terms of aerodynamics. And this is exactly what the "AirFlow Technology" is designed for. This reduces the turbulence of the air, thus ensuring a more stable clubhead and more clubhead speed.

Thanks to the weight screw in the sole, the weight can be moved more towards or away from the clubface. The latter increases launch and spin, while the weight is placed as close as possible to the face for minimal spin and launch. The Vega Alkaid Driver is only available in 10° and any refinement of the desired loft has to be solved accordingly via the adjustable hosel. This is the first time Vega has dared to use one of these. Modern players now expect this adaptability and Vega is well advised to keep up with the times.

The Vega Alkaid Driver can be used in all the original high quality shafts such as Fujikura Ventus, Mitsubishi Tensei, Oban Devotion and more. 

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