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Vega RAD-04 Driver: Innovative Driver from Japan

Made in Japan is considered an absolute quality feature, especially for irons. But even with some driver heads, the boys from the Far East are ahead of the Europeans and Americans. For example with the Vega RAD 04 driver with a forged titanium head with heat-treated titanium club face. The crown is particularly thin and therefore lighter than the rest of the body. The weight is better distributed on the sole to lower the center of gravity. The price-performance ratio is gigantic. Available in 9°, 10°, 11° and 13° lofts.

Vega RAD-04 Driver Review

Vega is a relatively small forge from Japan but they have made a name for themselves among connoisseurs because they simply build good clubs. Especially the irons and wedges are very popular. The woods are still a rather undiscovered jewel and definitely deserve more attention. Let's take a look at their driver model.

Optics of the Vega Drivers

If you take a look at the Vega Driver, one thing quickly becomes clear: it looks very noble and like fresh from the polishing machine. That's why we can't deliver proper photos from above because the surface reflects too much. You have to get used to the sole first, it looks very unusual, but it is the same for all Vega woods and hybrids.

The construction of the sole takes weight from certain places without losing stability. Hence these "notches". Below the face there is enough weight to guarantee a high launch.

Feeling and trajectory

Unlike many other modern drivers, the Vega Driver still has a few groves on the clubface that can actually be called groves and not just "markers". However, they are only outside the sweet spot. The hits feel really rich and you get quite good feedback about where the ball was hit. The Vega Driver is not one to try to hide or compensate for these hits. That's why balls that are hit outside the sweetspot develop exactly as they should. In order to get good results with this driver you should have a halfway constant hit pattern.

Shaft selection

Basically we can mount any shaft in the Vega Driver. Currently we offer the Fujikura Vista Pro and the Oban Devotion as standard. Alternatively all other shafts from Fujikura, Oban, Graphite Design, Mitsubishi, etc. can be used. Simply contact us for more information.

Of course a driver test is strongly dependent on the shaft, so we don't make any statements about launch, spin, etc. here. These results would not be meaningful because they depend too much on the shaft.

Result and recommendation

In our opinion, the performance off the tee is extremely dependent on the shaft. Therefore it is important to make the right choice and to use only high quality and original shafts. The Oban Devotion is such an example and with this the Vega Driver costs only 560€ which is in comparison to today's industrially manufactured drivers of western manufacturers absolutely in order. Besides you receive at least original stocks and no OEM with the Vega Driver.

It is true that the Vega Driver cannot be adjusted, so you should be relatively sure about the loft and face position. If you are looking for an adjustable driver, the Honma TW747 Driver might be the right choice.

We can recommend the Vega Driver for average to very good players who want a classic driver that makes a good impression and doesn't try too hard to convince with gimmicks.

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