Buying Caddie-, Carry-, Stand- and Tour-Bags from Honma and Miura online

Japanese manufacturers are in vogue, especially Honma and Miura. No wonder, the clubs that come from these forges are the ultimate standard. It is therefore obvious that bags from these manufacturers are also in high demand. Honma Bags have been around for several years now and anyone who wants to show which clubs are in their bag will grab a Honma bag. Miura is a little different, because this manufacturer has made very little except irons. This means that for a long time there was no other equipment like merchandising, caps, polos, or even bags. Honma, on the other hand, now makes quite a bit of sales with accessories such as bags or clothing. Bags are a decisive part of this and therefore the selection is very good - much better than that of most other manufacturers.

Miura Golfbags 2021

Miura has two bags for the 2019 season: a carry bag and a tour bag. The carry bag is also used by the ExactGolf team. Both bags are made by Vessel. This manufacturer stands for the very highest quality and makes no compromises in this respect. This means that Miura does not produce the bags itself but relies on an experienced manufacturer like Vessel. The design is typical of Miura: minimalist and discreet. The large "M" decorates both bags equally and can only be associated with Miura by connoisseurs. The choice of colours is quite limited with black and white. Either you fall in love with this bag immediately or you have to look for another manufacturer. Those who want to express their love for Japanese clubs and don't like the Miura Bags will still be Honma:

Honma Golfbags 2021

There is much more to be expected from Honma in terms of choice and there are some different designs such as a "lite" variant which is much lighter and more economical on pockets. 

Honma presents at least one bag for every application:
So there are two very classic bags that come very close to an "old leather bag". Then there are several large and modern caddie bags for sporty players in various colours and designs. E.g. as "Tour World" variant or "Honma with dancing letters". In addition, there are also various stand bags. Either as very noble and discreet "Hook Up" variant or as "Honma Mole" bag in bright colours like red or blue. In this respect, the selection is without a doubt large enough. No matter what you are looking for and what merits you have.

What does the mole in the Honma logo mean?

In our western longitudes, a mole is not exactly an animal with which one associates much except that it is practically blind. In Japan, however, it has a symbolic character. So the mole stands for perseverance and an uncompromising character. Furthermore, the mole is known for his exceptionally good sense of smell and "suspects" in which direction he has to go. If you think about it that way, these are characteristics that a successful company like Honma should have to show.

Variants of Bags

Honma's most common bag variant is the classic Caddie Bag which is not meant to be carried for a longer time. Unless you literally have a caddie that can "shoulder" the bag. Otherwise you need a trolley or cart. These bags offer a lot of storage space and - depending on the variant - weigh between 3.4 and 4.5 kg. They absolutely belong on a trolley or cart and also do not offer the possibility to play 9 holes in carrying.

Besides there are simple Standbags to be moved both carried and on the trolley however you wish. They have stand legs and a comfortable strap that distributes the weight of the bag over both shoulders.

Beside these two variants there is another special form of the caddie bag: the so-called tour bag. These are bags with maximum space. The weight plays hardly any role - after all, as a tour player you have a caddie who has to take care of it. However, very few players actually have a caddie and still want to bet on a tour bag. Then the weight can't be completely neglected and you should be willing to make compromises. That's why the classic tour bags have developed into smaller caddie bag variants that come very close to the appearance of a tour bag but don't offer as much storage space and therefore have less weight.

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