Vega Golfclubs

Vega is a manufacturer with whom we have been working successfully for many years. Not everybody knows them, but the quality of Vega clubs is just right. And not only that, we only purchase individual club heads from Vega which we can then assemble exactly as desired.

Vega clubs have several advantages:

  • The manufacturing tolerance is extremely low and we only receive very precisely manufactured heads that meet the specifications.
  • Vega forges its clubs from extra soft steel that is easy to bend. So we can always change loft and lie by several degrees and adjust them exactly.
  • Vega offers a wide range of clubs for both advanced players with the VMB blade iron and for players who need maximum support with the Mizar Plus.
  • We receive the clubheads individually, so we can build custom sets and clubs. And this without long delivery times from the Japanese Headquarter.
  • Because the iron heads and wedges are made of soft steel, we can easily "drill out weight" of the clubs to get the right swing weight.
  • Vega woods are made of an extremely hard steel and titanium alloy.
  • For years Vega has been offering its woods in a special "aerodynamic" shape, which is currently being "invented" by a very large western manufacturer.

Vega Irons

Apart from the Mizar Plus, Vega irons are forged and not cast from soft steel. Currently we offer a very classic blade and cavity back iron. Both clubheads are more for advanced players. The Mizar Plus and Tour irons are designed for players who need more support in their game. These are two-shell irons with a relatively large club face, high forgivability and a simplified launch.

Vega Driver, Fairway Woods and Hybrids

Vega offers classic woods which are available as driver, fairway wood and hybrid. On the other hand, since 2020 also an Alkaid Driver which can be changed in terms of launch and spin, as well as on the shaft with loft and clubface position. All Vega woods are only offered with our original shafts and are individually assembled.

Vega Wedges

For true connoisseurs, Vega wedges are no strangers. Vega offers very classic, Japanese wedges made of soft steel. Especially popular is the "raw" version which is untreated and therefore "weathered" over time. This has a positive effect on constant spin rates. In terms of feel, Vega Wedges are particularly soft and give an extremely good feeling around the green. Currently the classic wedges are available in two different grinds: VWX and VWY.

Furthermore there are the Alcor Wedges from Vega. These fit e.g. the Mizar Plus and belong to the so-called "Star Line". The Alcor Wedge is very versatile and available from 50° to 62°.

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