Miura Golf Clubs: What makes them special?

Miura is a manufacturer that fits ExactGolf like no other for several reasons. First, Miura manufactures in Japan, just as we think it is the best method. Then the production of each club head takes place in absolute custom work. This means that the quality will not differ from each other: Loft, lie, grind, weight, etc. corresponds exactly to what you can expect. And Miura really only focuses on its core competence, the forging of iron heads. That's all we get from them and we have to fit the heads with the right shafts and grips.

Therefore we can anticipate at this point that there will only be irons and putters from Miura. Miura once tried to develop driver heads but they were not 100% convinced of the result and therefore the production was stopped.

Overwhelmed with all the Miura clubs at ExactGolf? Just get in touch with us to discuss your right club. Let's find the right Miura club, grip, shaft and length together.

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What else distinguishes Miura?

Miura has an innovative manufacturing process for iron heads and has mastered it like no other manufacturer. The irons are not only made of extremely soft steel but are also forged with particularly high pressure. The result is an incomparably soft feeling at impact.

But it must also be said that Miura operates in a very narrowly defined market segment. Miura knows exactly what they can do very well and these are classic blades and cavity back irons. The Players irons from Miura are also very good but they can't be forged in the traditional Miura way. Clubs like the Genesis PP are still extremely good club heads which we often use and only have satisfied customers.

The Miura Genesis PP 9005: One of the best players irons out there.

The special irons from Miura

Currently Miura offers seven different club heads. That's not much, but we'd like to highlight those that are typical of Miura and the best irons in their segment.

Miura MB-001

The classic blade by Miura which was also played by Tiger Woods with the Nike logo - at least that's what rumors say. We won't find out if that was really the case. But regardless of that, this blade is so classic and at the same time unique in its shape. It currently sets the standard for blades and anyone who has ever struck it knows: when you hit it there is hardly a more beautiful feeling in golf.

Miura MB-001 Tournament Blade: A blade like no other.

Miura MC-501

The MC-501 is a slightly defused form of the blade, which in our opinion is the most beautiful iron on the market today. It is called "Modern Blade" because it looks as dangerous and sleek as a blade but has a lower center of gravity and is therefore much easier to play. This iron also shows the concentrated Japanese forging art of Miura and this iron makes no attempt to hide it.

Miura MC-501: How beautiful can a club be?

Miura CB-1008

This iron is a Cavity Back as it hardly goes more classically. The center of gravity is relatively low, it is forgiving and still looks relatively sporty. The CB-1008 is one of our best-selling clubs and we can only recommend it in 2019 for those who find a blade too aggressive, but want it to be more playable.

Miura CB-1008: demonstrating Miuras core competencies.
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