Club and Shaft Tests and Reviews

You can talk about clubs as much as you want. In the end it's the performance on the course that counts. That's why we don't care much about detailed product descriptions that explain some great patents or features. We want to see how the clubs behave in practice to get the best result for each player.

In the daily fitting practice this can already be observed very well. These fittings are, however, for various reasons not necessarily suitable to publish usable results. Therefore we take everything into our own hands with our club and shaft tests. We consider interesting topics and comparisons and then test them to achieve meaningful results.

This often means just changing a small detail and keeping the rest. This is the only way to draw conclusions about this detail. For example a change in swing weight, shaft, lie, club head, loft, shaft length, etc. There are many possibilities. It is important to find the right test setup and use it in the right test environment.

This also requires different player strengths. So it makes little sense to have a light iron graphite shaft tested on by a professional. Or a blade from a beginner. Therefore we vary accordingly with test subjects and swings.

Below you will find an overview of our tests with links.

Club Tests


Forged vs. Cast Wedges: Miura Tour vs. Honma TWorld Wedge
Honma TR20 V vs. P Irons
"Hollow Construction" vs. "Two-Piece" Irons: Honma TR20 P vs. TR21 X


Shaft Tests


Fitting with the new Nippon Zelos 7 and 8
Fujikura Ventus and Motore X Driver Shafts
New Nippon Neo Shafts vs. GH
High Balance vs. Low Balance Shaft
Graphite vs. steel shaft in irons
Honma TWorld FD-6 vs. FP-6 Driver Shafts
Kickpoints compared: Shimada VWS90 vs. Nippon Modus 3

Honma TW747 Driver shafts compared

Graphite vs. Steel vs. Steelfiber Shafts

KBS C-Taper vs. Modus 3

Comparing different Golf Shaft Flexes: Regular vs. Stiff
Project X vs. KBS Tour V: Low- vs. High Launch Iron Shafts


Driver Shaft from Japan and Taiwan compared

Other Tests and helpful advice

How does Tee Height influence Swing and Strike pattern?
Driver Weight Comparison: Going Nuts with Weight Settings
Swing Weight Comparison in Irons
What effect does offset have in irons?
Driving Iron vs. Hybrid: Pros and Cons in Action
Swing Weight Comparison in Wedges
How to deal with headwind
Lie Comparison: How does Lie influence ball flight?
Hybrid vs. Fairway Wood: Distance, Launch and Spin
Does a Softer Driver Shaft produce more distance?
New vs. Old Golf Ball: When should you switch golf balls?
Dry vs. Wet Wedge - What's the difference?
Old vs. New Wedge: Do new Wedges make a difference?
Fitting with Rangeballs
Longdrive Iron: Comparing different 6 irons
Fairwaywood vs. Driver off the deck
Hot vs. Cold Golf Ball
Optimal Driver Swing Weight
Driver Shaft Length: 45" vs. 47"

High- vs. Low Bounce Wedges

How does Driver Loft influence the Spin generated?

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