Miura Golf Clubs

Miura is, so to speak, the epitome of Japanese blacksmithing. This manufacturer does not traditionally take care of marketing or tries to sell its clubs with advertising promises. Miura is happy to constantly improve and make the best irons there are. Miura is also not designed to equip the entire golf world. Compared to Honma, for example, the forge is relatively small. But what is important: the quality is outstanding. And anyone who has ever hit a Miura iron will confirm that this club feels completely different - much softer and more intense. That's why Miura irons are so popular, at least among connoisseurs who appreciate these excellent clubs.

The most popular Miura irons today

Miura does not change its assortment every 1 or 2 years. When Miura releases an iron, it usually remains on the market for a few years. There are also no real series or sequences. That's why there are always a few Miura irons at a given time that stand out and mark an era. At the moment the following irons are especially worth mentioning:

Miura CB-301

The new edition of the proven 301s is a complete success and meanwhile our best selling Miura iron. It looks like a very classic cavity back iron, but plays relatively easy. Thanks to a large clubface and offset.

Miura TC-201

This iron is especially designed for advanced players who do not want to play a blade but a classic cavity back. It gives you more forgiveness without having to sacrifice the playing characteristics of a blade.

Miura MC-501

In the opinion of many, this is one of the most beautiful irons the golf world has ever produced. It looks sharp and angular, but plays far less aggressive than it looks.

Miura MB-101

The new edition of an absolute classic and very probably the best blade currently available on the market. Not much has changed compared to the MB-001 but that wasn't necessary. The Miura Blade is traditional and unbeatably soft at the moment of impact.

The special manufacturing process

Miura pays attention like no other manufacturer to every detail that could influence the final result. This includes above all the steel used, the forging process itself and the grinding process which has to ensure that the weight is as accurate as possible. This is the only way we can build clubs where the swing weight is as accurate as possible and fits over the entire set of irons. There are two things that distinguish Miura from everybody else: the particularly soft steel and the forging process under highest pressure. Put together the result is a unique and patented process in the golf industry. And it is precisely this combination that makes Miura irons so special.

More golf clubs from Miura

Miura once tried for a short time to build drivers and woods. But those who know the claim of Miura know that they are not satisfied to produce only "second class" clubs. That doesn't mean that these clubs were bad, on the contrary. They just weren't as good as Miura expected them to be. And since then they have been concentrating on irons and wedges again. Putters are also something that Miura produces on the side. However, the palette is very manageable with currently only three putters. The head shape is always a blade - you are either used to this putter shape or need to find another brand.

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