Modern Driver Heads

In order to design a good driver today, a manufacturer must pay attention to a number of things. Above all, it is about distributing the weight in the club head in such a way that the player can achieve the best possible trajectory. The clubface must be designed to maximize the smash factor, i.e. to give the ball as much energy as possible. Finally, balls that are not hit perfectly should also get as much energy as possible without moving too much out of direction.

As you can see, these are already a lot of demands on which the manufacturers are biting their teeth today. Nevertheless, they do a very good job and contribute to an ever better drive performance. If you take a look at one of our drivers on ExactGolf, you can be sure that this driver meets the requirements as good as possible. This, combined with the important shaft selection, allows you to get the most out of your drive. In the following points you will learn more about the background and how to do this.

Choice of lofts

A drive can only reach the maximum possible length if the launch angle is correct. The loft has a particularly large influence on this. The launch angle, however, depends on other factors and you can't say that a certain angle is ideal. The best launch angle is of no use if the spin is too high because the ball would otherwise screw itself too high into the air and fall off the ground like a stone.

You can also not say that a low loft is suitable for high and a high loft for low clubhead speeds. This tends to be correct, but if someones hands are in front of the ball during impact he will need more loft even if the clubhead speed is very high.

As you can see, general statements are not possible here. Fortunately, today's drivers also offer the possibility to adjust the loft accordingly - but mostly only by 1 to 1.5° upwards and downwards. It is also not impossible that the swing will change over time and that a different driver loft would be advisable. Here it would be unpleasant to have to buy a new driver every time.

Shaft offer

As far as the shaft is concerned, we offer a range of shafts for each driver that should usually be sufficient. However, if you have special requests or would like a shaft that is not listed in the selection, you can always contact us and order it. The Honma TW747 Driver, for example, has a wide range of shafts, most of which have to be purchased directly from Japan as a "custom order", which means long delivery times.

With the Vega Driver, for example, we can fit any shaft available on the market. Either you already have an idea or you trust in our expertise and let us recommend a shaft to you.

The fact is: all our shafts are originals and only of the best quality. Either we offer the original Honma shafts or the original shafts of other manufacturers like Fujikura or Oban. There is something you should know about drivers: if you order a driver from a major manufacturer today, you will pay 500€ and can choose a shaft that normally costs 400€. This is actually not possible and these manufacturers use so-called OEM shafts which do not correspond to the original ones. If you see Tiger Woods e.g. with shaft XY on TV and order the same driver with this shaft from a large manufacturer, you will usually not receive an original shaft.

Why is this so important? Quite simply because these shafts are not comparable in terms of quality with the originals. This is also relatively easy to find out with the appropriate equipment. The shafts will not only vary in weight (i.e. one shaft with allegedly 60g is heavier than another with 60g) but also in torque which is extremely important for the driver. There are other differences but these two are already enough to know that you should rather keep your hands off it if you are really interested in holding a high quality driver in your hands. We find for over 500€ you can expect some quality.

Adjustability and adaptation

Most modern drivers offer the possibility to adjust either the loft or the clubface or both. A few years ago this was just wishful thinking, but these adjustable systems work quite well today, even if you usually change other specifications such as the lie or the shaft. At least the latter is not the case with the Honma TWorld Driver and the shaft does not rotate when being adjusted.

Why Honma, Mizuno or Vega and no others?

There is a very important reason why we use Honma, Mizuno or Vega when it comes to drivers. All are Japanese manufacturers working with the utmost precision. This means that a driver from these companies actually has the ° of loft they should have. Or that the head weight is actually as heavy as indicated. There are many ways in which manufacturers can either define very wide tolerances or simply deviate from them. In our opinion, this is not satisfactory and makes it virtually impossible to obtain the correct driver in the exact specifications. Just the fact that the head weight is different makes it almost impossible to build a driver with the correct swing weight. Or the loft is different and has to be corrected accordingly. We at ExactGolf are convinced that we can only build the right club for you if the manufacturer pays the utmost attention to all this.

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