Oban Shafts for Driver, Wood and Hybrid

Oban shafts are only available at selected clubmakers. Oban does not use "fakes" in OEM products but only original shafts. Oban corresponds completely to our philosophy of high quality and identical shafts. This means that we as clubmakers can fully rely on the shafts being exactly as they should be in terms of: Weight, bending profile, flex, etc.

Oban is a subsidiary of the Japanese shaft manufacturer Shimada and has its origins in high quality graphite shafts for drivers and woods. Meanwhile Oban is also active in the field of steel shafts and causes a sensation with the CT shafts, which are becoming more and more popular with professional fitters.

There are probably no shaft manufacturers who are more "Japanese" than Oban and still refuse to follow the OEM principle. Other manufacturers such as Fujikura or Mitsubishi do not do so and produce so-called "Made for" shafts for the major club manufacturers. However, these have little to do with the original shafts. They are made in other factories, from other materials and to other quality standards. (Read more about Made For Shafts here). Oban does not participate in this and that is probably one of the reasons why this manufacturer is relatively unknown - wrongly so we think. Because nowhere else can we find such high quality shafts as from Oban.

Our fitting experience with Oban

Oban shafts are tested daily by our players in fittings and are part of every wood and driver fitting. The Kiyoshi series is certainly the "premium version" and an option for players who want to get the most out of their driver. The Kiyoshi shafts are unfortunately relatively expensive but they are also the highest quality Oban shafts.

Most often we use Oban Devotion shafts - both in the High Balance and the normal version. Both shafts are available in practically all weight categories and flexes - from 46g to 86g for Devotion and 58g to 78g for Devotion HB.


Ideal for players looking for a medium ball flight with less spin.


Ideal for players looking for a high ball flight with little spin.


Ideal for players looking for a low ball flight with little spin.

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