Women's Clubs

You have to be honest: Being a lady doesn't always come easy in the world of golf. At least when it comes to equipment. Because the majority of golf clubs are made for average men. For women, simply lighter shafts with thinner grips are offered. And that's it. At least that is the strategy of most of the major manufacturers. They may paint the shaft and decorate the club head a bit. This may be more attractive for women, but it has no effect on performance.

Ladies and especially seniors need a much lighter swing weight and a shaft that is soft and light enough to accelerate properly. This has nothing to do with the appearance of the club or whether or not it says "For Women" somewhere. Such a club is only possible if the manufacturer pays attention to this. Or if the clubmaker knows his craft and can put the appropriate components together accordingly.

Japanese ladies clubs from Honma

There is an important reason why we work with Honma and like to sell these clubs. Honma is one of the very few manufacturers who know how to make clubs for players with below average club head speed. The Honma Beres are leading the way and are unrivalled in their segment. Since 2019 Honma also offers the XP1 series which serves a similar market segment and is less expensive.

Honma uses especially light shafts under 40g and very light club heads. So it is possible to achieve very low swing weights of C-0 and less even with thin women's grips (which are very light and normally make the swing weight heavier). This is exactly what is needed to perform well as a lady and especially as a senior.

Honma also offers perfectly matched clubsets, from driver to wedge. The advantage is that the clubs all fit and harmonize. If you use clubs from different manufacturers you have the problem that the clubs will be different. There are many factors: Loft, lie, total weight, swing weight, shaft length, shaft flex, shaft weight, etc. It is almost impossible that the clubs will fit unless they are checked and adjusted by a professional clubmaker.

With Honma Beres and XP1 this risk does not exist. Therefore, we generally recommend to buy complete sets and to "mix" as little as possible. This approach makes sense, especially for ladies where the choice of clubs with a suitable swing weight and light shafts is limited.

Individual golf clubs from Miura and Vega

Honma produces all clubs completely by itself. We make only minimal adjustments, if any, such as a grip change or a lie and loft adjustment. On the other hand we assemble clubs from Miura and Vega individually from all components. We purchase the club heads, shafts and grips individually and then manufacture the clubs individually according to your specifications. This allows us to respond to every type of player and in principle there are no limits. Especially for you as a lady this is of great advantage because we can adapt the clubs ourselves for very special cases.

This means that we take a club head like the Miura IC-601, CB-301 or Vega Mizar Plus and use a light graphite shaft like the Fujikura Vista Pro 40. The swing weight can be adjusted by taking some weight from the clubhead. This drilling process is a lot of work but absolutely necessary to get the correct swing weight without ending up with too much total weight. This process is generally only possible because our Japanese manufacturers use very soft steel. Most other manufacturers' club heads are made of hard industrial steel and cannot be drilled out.

Critical factors for women's clubs: swing and total weight

There are two good reasons why we at ExactGolf are one of the very few companies that can offer you the right ladies clubs. You can of course go to any clubmaker you like - but chances are that they will not pay close attention to the swing and total weight. If the clubmaker simply adds the appropriate components together, you will get a club with a matching shaft and a good club head, but most likely with the wrong swing weight. The swing weight can still be easily manipulated by adding weight to the grip section, for example. Then the total weight is too heavy. The only option is to work with the lightest possible clubheads and shafts. Even if this means that weight must be taken from the desired club head.

The other reason why you will most likely not find the right women's club in your pro shop or club fitting shop is simply that these clubs are not offered by swing weight. The women's clubs you will find there are mostly simply repackaged men's clubs with a lighter and softer shaft. In 99% of the cases neither swing weight nor total weight is correct. You may be led to believe that you have a matching women's club, but that is not necessarily true. There is one thing you always have to keep in mind: the big manufacturers are mainly about selling large quantities of clubs. And that's why there is just as little room for individual adjustments and peculiarities as there is for most female golfers.

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