Why should you buy golf clubs at ExactGolf?

We did not come up with "ExactGolf" by chance. This brand name describes very well what we are doing and what our standards are for building golf clubs. Everything we do is extremely exact and we take every little aspect seriously.

That's all good, but how do you benefit from it?

What you will get from ExactGolf is the highest possible quality in the best possible fit you can get. No doubt, not every player will be able to benefit from this quality. Very high handicap players might not see any difference between a cheap OEM shaft and a 3-star Honma shaft. But even high handicappers need a proper setting. Lower handicap players have a serious disadvantage when they settle for the second or third highest quality.

So, what exactly do we offer at ExactGolf?

  1. Only highest quality club heads, most of them from Japan. They are long living, soft in feel and flexible when it comes to making adaptations. For example you can change the lie of Miura clubs as often as you want while most other clubs would break when you try it. 
  2. Only original shafts in highest quality, no OEM crap. To be honest, it's very close to a scam what OEM manufacturers are doing with shaft options. That means they sell shafts you see the guys playing on tour but deliver a different one. That's obvious. When you buy a driver from some large manufacturers this driver costs 500€ but they give it to you with a shaft that costs 450€ - without a premium. What you actually get is not this exact shaft that costs 450€ but one that looks like that. Yes, shafts are expensive but they can make the real difference. That's why you will only get the best and original shafts at ExactGolf.
  3. All clubs can be ordered in very different settings and we can pretty much deliver whatever you want. Other online shops don't allow you to set specifications such as lie, length, grip, etc. We give you all you need and if there's any specifications you'd like to have and not in our order process - just get in touch. This is possible because we get club heads, shafts and grips individually and have to put them together properly. And during that process we can make lots of adaptations others can't do.

The team behind ExactGolf

Jonas Weiss: Clubmaking and Fitting Expert, Handicap 3.8

What's in the bag 2019:


  • Honma TW747 FD 60 X-Flex with 9.5° Loft


  • Honma TW747 3 wood with Graphite Design Di 70 S-Flex


  • Honma TW747 Driving Iron with Modus 105 S-Flex bent to 17°
  • 4-PW Miura MB-001 with Shimada VWS90 in S/X-Flex


  • 48° Vega 02 Satin
  • 52° Miura Raw Black
  • 56° Miura Raw Black
  • all with Modus 115 in S-Flex

Florian Achenbach: Marketing, Distribution and Customer Support, Handicap 4.3

What's in the Bag 2019:


  • Honma TW747 455 Driver, 9.5°, Vizard FP-7X


  • Vega, 16° Hybrid, Fujikura Pro 85, S-Flex, tipped 1 inch, 16°


  • Honma TW747 Driving Iron, Modus 3 120, S-Flex, 19°
  • 4-PW Miura CB-1008, Shimada Pro X-Flex


  • 52° Vega Raw Black 02
  • 56° Vega Raw Black 10
  • 60° Vega Raw Black 10
  • all with Shimada Pro X-Flex
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