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Our vision with ExactGolf is to offer only clubs that fit exactly - hence the name. In our opinion it is mainly the manufacturers from Japan who make this possible. That is why you will find only brands from Japan on ExactGolf. There are two types of manufacturers: Those who deliver the clubs to us and those who are shipped by us - Honma and Mizuno. And those who only provide us with the components that we put together - Miura and Vega. With the latter we have full control over the quality as we have to assemble the clubs ourselves. This is a small science that we have mastered for decades.

When we receive finished clubs from Honma and Mizuno we can be sure that the quality is right. These two manufacturers have very tight tolerances in the manufacturing process. For example, we can assume that the built-in club head weighs as much as indicated or that the club has exactly 34° loft - no more and no less. In some cases, however, it is still necessary to make appropriate adjustments. We offer a service that has distinguished and made us unique for years. If desired and if necessary, we can modify the clubs, which are basically finished, accordingly. For example, if you want a Mizuno iron with a heavier swing weight, we can adapt it for you. Or you would like to change the loft of your Honma iron set slightly. We can also do this for you.

Above all, the exact adaptability of the clubs and the high quality standards of each individual manufacturer is the most important thing that the clubs arrive at the customer exactly as promised. Unfortunately, this is anything but a matter of course in the golf industry. In the following we will introduce you to our brands and explain why we trust in this manufacturer.


Honma is certainly one of the biggest manufacturers from Japan and became known mainly for high priced clubs. Honma was basically the first manufacturer to call for very high prices for its clubs, making Honma a real noble brand. Today Honma plays in every price segment and the new TR20 series is on a par with the big manufacturers. For example, a TR20 iron set costs 1200€. Not a bargain but not priceless either. Especially if you consider that all Honma clubs are still handmade in Japan and forged from extra soft steel. So Honma brings everything we need at ExactGolf: The manufacturing tolerance is minimal, the quality is consistently high and the clubs can be adjusted by us at any time.

With the Honma XP1 and Honma Beres there are also two series that are perfectly designed for players with low club head speed. And Honma is definitely the leader in this respect. Nobody can build such high quality yet lightweight shafts. These clubs are only available with Honma's hand drawn Vizard shafts.


This Japanese smithy is especially known for the high quality iron. And everyone who has ever struck a Miura iron will not be able to contradict this. It is even an open secret that Miura produced the legendary blades for Tiger Woods for Nike. At that time Tiger was undoubtedly playing his best golf. Besides a wide range of irons Miura also offers some wedges and putters.

Miura only works with selected clubmakers and we are one of the very few who build Miura clubs by swing weight and not just stick them together. A Miura club must be built very accurately and often it is necessary to add or remove weight from the club head. We have been doing this for decades and therefore you can be sure to get Miura clubs that fit 100%. Each club is individually measured, weighed and checked.


Mizuno has without a doubt managed to become a leading manufacturer without ignoring its roots. Mizuno's mission is to offer the best possible quality in every sport. Surprisingly, they manage this everywhere, especially in golf. No other iron is played as often on the Tour as Mizuno, even though Mizuno has very few players under contract and many Mizuno play even without a contract.

Mizuno offers both a standard and custom made version which is manufactured accordingly. Usually all wishes like lie, shaft length, grip, etc. can be satisfied. Apart from that we also offer all customizations like Honma. If you notice, for example, that the lie does not fit as well as expected, we can always make an adjustment. Mizuno uses only soft steel like all our other manufacturers so that the irons and wedges can be bent slightly without leaving any marks.


Vega is certainly the least known manufacturer on ExactGolf, but this is definitely not due to the quality of the clubs. Because it is excellent. Vega does not do any marketing, supports players on the tour or is aggressively distributed. We have been working with Vega for several years now and can only emphasize the high quality of their club heads. Vega not only manufactures various irons but also wedges, drivers, woods and putters. The best known of these are the Vega Mizar Plus irons, which have been tested and proven to be the best.

We manufacture Vega clubs completely by ourselves. We purchase the clubheads and assemble the components in the same way as we do for Miura clubs. For example, Vega weighs each individual club head in advance so that you can use the heads that are needed for specific clubs. The tolerance in the production is extremely small and we can really rely on this manufacturer.

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