Miura Giken Irons, Putters and Woods

Miura Giken is in short the Miura brand for the Japanese market. Before 2018, Miura Giken clubs were exclusively for the Japanese market and there were differences between the "global" Miuras and Miura Giken. However, since 2018 the situation has evolved somewhat after a change of ownership of Miura. Since then the products have been adapted. This means that since 2018 Miura Giken is not really different from Miura and apart from the logo and partly the name there is basically no difference. Miura Giken clubs are sometimes still called slightly different like TB-Zero instead of MB-101 or TC-101 instead of TC-201. 

In the following we would like to present the current as well as discontinued Miura Giken models. Certain Miura Giken irons like the CB-1008, Genesis PP or CB-2008 were among our bestsellers for a long time and could make many players happy. However, these models are now discontinued.

Miura Giken Irons

Miura Giken TC-101: This is the Miura TC-201 model. It was developed with the idea to surpass the successful CB-1008 model. In our opinion, the TC-201 is one of the best forged irons for sports players, even though it was only recently released for the 2020 season. Unlike the CB-1008, the weight is concentrated more on the toe and heel, which increases stability.

Miura Giken EI-801: The project name for this iron was "Easy Eight" and the "easy" is no accident. With the EI-801 Miura Giken has indeed released a two-piece construction that aims at game improvement and is designed with a very low loft and maximum launch profile. The decisive factor in the development of the EI-801 was the requirement for maximum lengths, but ball speeds evenly distributed over the clubface. The sole and topline are extremely wide. Miura Giken EI-801 is available as a set from iron 6 to GW.

Miura Giken TB-Zero: The equivalent of Miura MB-101 and therefore the prime example of a blade. There is no more classic club than this blade.

Miura Giken CB-301: The equivalent model of Miura Giken to the CB-301, in this case not even the name differs and the difference is only the logo. The CB-301 is one of our best selling irons of the last two years and with good reason. Not only does it look classic and high quality, it also performs better than irons that are packed with technology.

Miura Giken IC-601: The IC-601 is also available for Europe. The construction is unique and the weight screw is a central element. It is now also used by some larger manufacturers. The IC-601 is an iron that simplifies the game but still seems to be very classic - apart from the weight screw of course. The performance is similar to a two-piece construction.

Miura Giken MC-501: The highly popular 501 is also available from Miura in the same version. The MC-501 can be called a "modern blade". It looks a lot like a blade, but has certain characteristics that make the game much easier. For example, more offset and a slightly lower centre of gravity.

Miura Giken CB-2008: Based on the classic CB-1008 only with a wider and "hollow" sole. This makes the launch much easier. Also the clubface is enlarged for more forgiveness.

Miura Giken CB-1008: There is probably no cavity back iron that is more classic. This is where Miura's core competence lies. In classic forged blades and cavity back irons like the CB-1008, which we have sold a lot in the last few years. Unfortunately, it will no longer be available with the 2021 season and the official successor is the TC-201.

PP-9005 Genesis: The Genesis has for years been one of our most popular irons for players looking for maximum forgiveness and ball speed. Unlike many other "two piece" irons, it was possible to take weight from the club head - so special builds such as longer clubs with a low swing weight were easily possible. Unfortunately, the Genesis will also be discontinued with the 2021 season.

Miura Giken Wedges

While the irons hardly differ since 2018, there are still differences in the wedges. At least three wedges were released in 2018 and 2019, which differ significantly from the Miura models, at least in the grind. Especially the Miura Giken KM-701 wedge is not only different in grind but also in shape. Miura Giken MG-R01 and MG-S01 Tour are at least very similar to the current Miura Tour wedges.

Miura Giken Putter

The Miura Giken putter range, however, is completely different. While Miura focuses on very classic forged putters like the KM-009, Miura Giken putters are equipped with much more "technology" and are also much more modern when it comes to head shapes. In particular the MGP-NM2 model released in 2020, but also the MGP-B4 and MGP-WB models are quite modern. Miura Giken started in 2000 with very classically shaped putters and has not produced any putters for 11 years in between.

Miura Giken Hybrids and Utilities

Currently the ICL-601 from Miura Giken is the only Driving Iron and also available at ExactGolf. It has already been released in 2017 and has proven itself. At the moment we do not know if any new models will be released soon.

Concerning hybrids Miura Giken has published the last one in 2015. So the Passing Point Neo UT was the last hybrid of Miura. Before that, an MG Hybrid was released in 2010.

Miura Giken Drivers and Fairway Woods

The situation is similar with drivers and fairway woods. With the MG Hayate, a driver and a fairway wood appeared last in 2016. Unfortunately, we were never able to test or sell them for the European market. The predecessor of Miura Giken was the SIT460 driver from 2012. 

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