Miura ICL Driving Iron

Product image 1Miura ICL Driving Iron
Product image 2Miura ICL Driving Iron
Product image 3Miura ICL Driving Iron
Product image 4Miura ICL Driving Iron
Product image 5Miura ICL Driving Iron
Product image 6Miura ICL Driving Iron

Regular price €494,00

The Miura Driving Iron is not only a special club because it is a real Miura. It also has a weight screw in the sole - the so-called Inner Cavity Technology. This allows us to use screws of different weights to match the weight of the club head perfectly to that of the irons. With most other clubs, the weight is carved in stone and must be removed or added by elaborate methods. The Miura ICL Utility iron provides this flexibility with a simple screw. This also has the advantage of keeping the weight in the club head as low as possible which makes a high launch much easier.

Of course, the Miura ICL Driving Iron is forged with the Miura-typical soft steel under maximum pressure for an incomparably soft feel. This also allows us to make the final small adjustments to loft and lie and perfectly match the Driving Iron to your set of irons.

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