Honma Golf Clubs

Honma stands like no other manufacturer for Japanese perfection and exclusivity. The latter even goes so far that you can spend a small fortune on a set of irons. On the other hand, iron sets like the Honma TR20 cost 1200€ and are therefore absolutely within the price range. For this money you still get handmade, forged irons from Japan. In the original and not as a replica as they are now so often found on the Internet. That also speaks for this manufacturer.

The Beres Series

The absolute flagship of Honma is still Beres. This series is available in two different versions: ladies and men. The Beres deliver a complete set of clubs that is perfectly matched to each other. Driver, fairway wood, hybrid, iron and wedges are all included. Even matching putters are available. But above all one thing is important: these clubs are designed in such a way that they are particularly easy to play - even for players with low club head speed. The shafts are extremely light and soft without sacrificing performance. This is unique and you won't find comparable shafts anywhere in the world. The shafts in combination with the extremely forgiving irons that simplify the launch make this a club that is second to none. However, a set of Beres is not cheap and costs at least 3,000€ depending on the model. But you also get the matching wedges and know that you don't compromise on quality.

HONMAS TR20 and TR21: Tour Release

In contrast to Beres, the Tour Release appeal to very good and professional players. They were developed and designed mainly with Justin Rose. Especially with the TR20 B Iron and the TR20 Driver. In total there are four TR irons: TR20 P, V and B and TR21 X. The TR20 V is also more for sporty players and is not very forgiving. The TR20 P is a "two piece construction" which is relatively forgiving. The TR21 X is a "Hollow Construction" iron for maximum ball speed and forgiveness. All TR irons are available with a wide range of shafts - either from Honma Vizard's own graphite shafts or from leading manufacturers such as Nippon, KBS, Project X, Dynamic Gold, etc.

There is also a TR20 driver in two different sizes and a wide range of in-house Vizard, FD and FP shafts in various weights and flexes.

As well as the TR21 fairway woods and hybrids, which are equipped with adjustable hosel for the first time at Honma. They also have weight screws for maximum adjustability in terms of swing weight.

Later this year, the remaining TWorld clubs such as woods, hybrids and wedges will be replaced with the new Tour Release clubs. The TWorld range will therefore be discontinued and replaced in 2021.


Honma also offers a wide range of putters that appeal to all possible putting styles and can still be customised to a certain extent.

Past Honma series

Honma is definitely a manufacturer that always keeps up with the times and develops further. There are very few things that actually remain unchanged. What is definitely a constant are Honma Beres clubs and the specially handmade Vizard shafts made in Japan. Both are certainly the core competence of Honma. The shafts are very high quality and are matched to the Honma club heads. And Beres is the best known series with which most people associate Honma.

But there are also various series that have already been discontinued or will be discontinued in the near future. We would like to introduce these to you briefly at this point:

Honma Bezeal

The last series of Bezeals were the 535s. The unique selling point of the Bezeals was to provide a complete set in a cheaper price segment than Honma Beres. This concept also worked and had the advantage of knowing that all the clubs are matched. The Honma XP1 was basically the successor to the Bezeal, although the XP1 has become a little lighter with the shafts.

Honma TWorld

Honma started with the "Tour World" 717 series and the last edition was the 747, later only known as "TWorld". Target group of these irons have always been advanced and professional players. Which is why Honma also managed to sign Justin Rose. He played his own TWorld 747 Rose Proto Blades and the TW747 455 Driver. Justin Rose also had great influence in the development of the Tour Release series, which is considered the unofficial successor of the TWorlds. And even though Justin Rose is no longer under contract with Honma, Honma has succeeded in gaining considerable recognition in this segment. After the TWorld 747 series, Honma was no longer this "Japanese luxury manufacturer" with maximum forgiving irons and soft shafts, but also a brand for professionals and good amateurs.

The Honma TWorld 747 will always remain in our memories at ExactGolf. Some of these clubs were very much in demand and we were able to find several satisfied customers. First of all with the TWorld 747 P Iron, the 747 Driving Iron, the 747 Wedge and the 460cc Driver.

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