Honma Golf Clubs

Honma stands like no other manufacturer for Japanese perfection and exclusivity. The latter even goes so far that you can spend a small fortune on a set of irons. On the other hand, iron sets like the Honma TWorlds cost 1109€ and are therefore absolutely within the price range. For this money you still get handmade, forged irons from Japan. In the original and not as a replica as they are now so often found on the Internet. That also speaks for this manufacturer.

The Beres Series

The absolute flagship of Honma is still Beres. This series is available in three different versions: IS-06 resp. S-06, IE-06 resp. E-06 and IE-06 resp. E-06 for ladies. The Beres deliver a complete set of clubs that is perfectly matched to each other. Driver, fairway wood, hybrid, iron and wedges are all included. Even matching putters are available. But above all one thing is important: these clubs are designed in such a way that they are particularly easy to play - even for players with low club head speed. The shafts are extremely light and soft without sacrificing performance. This is unique and you won't find comparable shafts anywhere in the world. The shafts in combination with the extremely forgiving irons that simplify the launch make this a club that is second to none. However, a set of Beres is not cheap and costs at least 3,000€ depending on the model. But you also get the matching wedges and know that you don't compromise on quality.

Honmas TWorld

In contrast to Beres, the TWorlds appeal to very good and professional players. Not for nothing they are played by Justin Rose. He uses for example the Rose Proto iron which is also available at ExactGolf. Beside this blade there are three more TWorld irons: TW747 P, Vx and V. The V is also intended for sporty players and forgives few mistakes. The Vx, on the other hand, is a rather classic cavity back that is already much more forgiving and easier to play. And the P is a so called player's iron with two shells which forgives a lot of mistakes. All TWorld irons are available with a large selection of shafts - either from our own Honma shafts or from leading manufacturers like Nippon, KBS, Project X, Dynamic Gold, etc.

Of course, drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and driving irons should not be missing to round off a set of TWorlds.

Honma Putter

Honma also offers a wide range of putters that appeal to all possible putt styles and can be customized to a certain extent.

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